Alright, this is getting ridiculous. I literally receive at least 5 questions about these three pomades every effin’ day.

With any of these, you can’t go wrong. Not including V76’s V Rated Natural Wax, these are my three most favorite water-based pomades hands-down. Each has its own unique characteristics that makes it legit as hell.

Anchors Teddy Boy Original

Next level shit. No lie. Absolutely does not dry at any extent…whatsoever. It’s a wax-heavy water-based pomade that you’ll used just like any oil-based pomade, but it’ll wash out at the end of the day. It provides a medium-ish hold with a light shine.

The Daimon Barber No.1

Clean ass shit from London. Smells great. Doesn’t dry into a helmet. It will feel like you don’t even have product in because of how cleanly formulate this stuff is. It has a medium-to-light hold.

Admiral Pomade

The best normal/traditional/orthodox water-based pomade on the market today. It will dry and lock-in your hair but not turn it into a helmet like other water-based products. Nice coconut scent and the most pleasing texture/application experience of all other traditional water-based products. Strong hold and will last all day. Plus…it’s from California.


Go fucking watch the reviews and make a decision for yourself. If any of these companies paid me, then I’d tell you to buy their shit. Fact is, they don’t pay me to tell people to buy their stuff.

Notice my manner of speak on this blog. I never tell you what to buy directly. Underneath it all, I’m promoting this idea of you making decisions yourself (whether it be about clothes, pomades, style, etc.). I’m just providing you detailed information. Now…make use of it.