Cleopatra 441 - 8.5" Extra Fine Rattail Comb

Combs don’t get much cheaper than this one. Notice the bent tooth to the left and the bending of the tail to the right. This sucker cost $0.49 at the local beauty supply. Plastic. Injection. Mold. It’s a piece of junk. BUT it’s a piece of junk that does its job.

The teeth on this comb are very fine and thus, act as a nice detail comb. I would never use it to slick back my entire head…or try to pomp solely with this thing…but DAMN does it do a good job slicking down the sides. Look at dat shit.

This cheap piece of plastic has allowed me to essentially abandon the boar hair brush completely in terms of slicking down my sides. Also, the tail is pretty damn long, so my part is long and clean.

For $0.49, just get it if you ever see it. It’s nothing to show off about…but it’s definitely useful.