Dax [Pomade] Removing Shampoo: Does it REALLY work?

Man…when I first saw this product and what it advertised, it was like…just DAMN. This is gunna make the lives of me and my pillowcases that much easier (and thus, better). So, I gave it a try.

Let’s recount this…I had a cocktail of Murray’s Superio, Super Light, and Nu Nile in my hair. And I won’t lie…I had a lot of product. (Now don’t get me wrong, I tried this product multiple times with Dax Hair Wax, Royal Crown Pomade, etc.) I read the directions and proceeded.

Apply it to my hair while ‘dry’ first and massaged it in. Added a little water to lather it up and then rinsed thoroughly after a while. And this is what I got after the shower…you call this PRODUCTLESS!?!!

So honestly…I say no to this product. I love their products and use many of their products consistently and proudly. But this is something I must say, “Does NOT work.”