From pompadour to topknot (samurai bun)…

It won’t be a full transition for many more months, but the decision has been made. I will continue to do pomade reviews while my hair still allows me to style a pompadour. However, the end is in sight.

Why, you ask? Because I feel like it.

The future of this blog and what not is uncertain. I’m really hesitant to creating a new one with a new name for logistical reason. It all depends on whether the name is more associated to the hairdo…or me, as an opinionated person. (And also, how you guys are coming back and forth from my blog…Tumblr or URL like a bookmark or whatever).

But either way, I’m leaning towards pushing The_Pomp. to cover lifestyle. Something general and more all-encompassing but what I believe to be very valuable to you all. If you are not down with the transition, let me know and I’ll consider different options because at the end of the day, this blog was created for pomades and pompadour…but not without extending onto more in-depth topics.

As always, opinions are welcome.