How to Ask The_Pomp. a Question and Get an Answer.

  1. Pay respects
  2. Establish ethos
  3. Proceed with question 

I’m here to help you guys out…but I’m not your effing personal hair stylist. I have ~500 messages in my inbox unanswered with more coming in everyday. That means your question needs to stand out or give me a good reason why I should answer your question. This is a guide/aid to how you can get your stuff answered.

One: Paying Respects
This spans everything from the manner in which you ask the question to paying respects before you ask. Basically, the establishes that you understand I’m offering to help you out of the sweet & pure kindness of my heart. It is not your right. Rather, it is a privilege.

Two: Establishing Your Ethos
This is the most important one. You have to establish your credibility. If you’re a long time reader and I recognize your name (i.e. justoldschool, illestratedman, or eliayoy ), I’ll answer your question. Period. Or if you’re another legit dude (i.e. thejobrienlockharts-authentic, or thedaimonbarber ), I’ll answer your question.

It’s because the most insulting thing is when someone asks me a question that has been answered in my reviews. Repeats are not a big deal. But prove to me you’ve done the research or read the relevant reviews prior to asking me the question. Please.

Three: Wording Your Question
Word it with the acknowledgement that I’m also reading 10-15 other questions at the same time.

This all applies to mostly questions about hair. And just remember, I’m here to help you guys…but don’t take it for granted. I got other shit to do too.