I had a revelation over lunch today.

I’ve received all these messages. All this feedback. And done all these reviews and what not. Yet, I have not seen any of your pomps…especially those that are newborn-pompadours. I’d like to start a game. Let’s put your pomp to the test and see what I and other dudes think of your pompadour.

Hash tag it #ThePompTest and I will pass my judgement unto thee. No, I’m not gunna bash your shit pointlessly, but I’ll give you my honest opinion.

To the first person that does this, you will receive…nothing…but my respect. Do it on Tumblr. Do it on Instagram. Do it on Twitter…I don’t care. I guess this is the first time I’m gunna reblog shit.

You can think of it as more of a chance to get critiques and refine your stuff.