Ion 301707 Dressing Table Comb - A Standard.

I got this comb a while back on a random stop at a Sally’s. I’d been enjoying the Kent combs and what not…but honestly, they’re just a fucking novelty item for the functional gentleman. They feel nice. They look nice. And shit, barbershops should carry them to prove their legitimacy, but at home…nawhhhh. Ya don’t need it. The teeth are too thick, and the ‘fine’ ain’t fine at all. 


So I picked up this baby up. It has silicon microfiber construction…what does that mean? Shit…I don’t fucking know. If I were to describe in the stress analysis way, its stress-strain curve would start off with a gentle upward gradient but rise with a much greater angle before its yielding strength. In other words, it allows a little more flex than usual, but resists fracture or breaking much better than my typically plastic combs.

It’s also a sexy ass off white color with a matte finish. The teeth are much longer than any other comb I’ve seen (minus the afro pick). The teeth are also just as fine as my favorite comb (Cleopatra 441). 

It’s a very nice comb, but not a necessary addition. I’d recommend it over the Kent combs and especially if you haven’t purchased yourself a main dressing table comb. However, if you already got an adequate one, don’t stress over getting this sucker.