Ion 301709 Rat-Tail Comb - Sweet. A metal tail.

Got this lil shit for the same reason I got the other Ion comb. I wasn’t gunna have it anymore with the Kent combs. Their cute and shit but for practical use. Fuck it. 

This one’s nice. It’s got a nice metal tail so you don’t break it next time you part your hair. Drop it. Or stab your ex. 

I’ll keep this one short because I still like that cheap ass $0.49 Cleopatra 441 more than this one. The teeth are just as fine and nice. The construction of the Ion 301709 is much nicer; HOWEVER, for our specific use to slick down our sides….the Cleopatra wins over the Ion. 

The Cleopatra has a lip/edge that you can feel as you slide your finger up the tooth and onto the comb. That little edge really pushes down your sides and slicks it. The Ion has a more sleek almost airplane wing like profile which unintentionally lacks the lip.

You feel like burning money get it. At least you can shank something with it.