Kent 16T - 188mm Large Coarse/Fine Toothed Comb


The Kent 16T …a effin’ beautiful beast of combs.

  • 188mm long
  • Coarse/Fine toothed (half ‘n’ half)
  • Labeled as a dressing table comb
  • Made from acetate

This is my main comb. The one I use for almost everything while I’m at home. It’s not the largest comb I’ve ever come across, but it’s definitely on the upper end.

I use it for everything — when in doubt, I use this baby. When I’m in the shower. When I just get out. When I’m applying product. When my back itches. Whenever da eff I feel like it.

The Kent Handmade line is probably one of the cheapest yet best line of handmade/handsaw combs you can get. There are other companies that make a similar product (i.e. Baxter) but they’re prices are absurd…especially when Kent has been producing for centuries longer and deserve loyalty. Being handmade, the teeth are much smoother and stronger than mold-injection combs. Upsides to that are you’re less likely to bend a tooth, and it massages your scalp while you use it instead of scratching/damaging it. Downsides is that its slightly not as fine as mold-injection combs so you’ll likely have what I call ‘comb-rows’ in your hair (then again…whats wrong with that?).

The length of the tooth allows you to really dig further back when pomping your hair. This helps to build not only a fuller pomp but also a strong and solid ones.


At about ~$11 for the Kent 16T , it is much more expensive than a mold-injection equivalent…but rather than repeatedly buy more and more combs after you break then, this is a damn good investment to make. Not only that…but it’s effing beautiful. Come on, tortoise shell and done to a polished finish? Fuhhh wit meh.