Kent 8T - 197mm Fine Toothed Tail Comb


This is the Kent 8T . A nice medium-length rat tail fine-toothed comb…a damn nice addition (both aesthetically and functionally) to any arsenal. Not necessary but good to have nonetheless.

I have another mold-injection rat tail comb (I’ll explain why later in that post) and have come across combs with metal tails. This ones got a ~10cm long tail and teeth as fine as the Kent 16T.

Though the tail isn’t as long as I’d like (just an extra centimeter or two would be nice), it is as finely finished as the rest of the comb. So, as you slide it along your scalp to make the part, it massages instead of scratching. The part is definitely cleaner than sliding through a normal comb like the Kent 16T.


But at ~$10, it’s not a necessary part of your set. HOWEVER, it’s definitely worth sacrificing a fast-food trip or two and get this slick baby.