why Admirals for collar days and Grandads for everything else? what about Admiral makes it more suitable for that when Grandad’s seems so well rounded? (if it’s used for everything else)

Just a hypothetical thing I chose to put as an example. But typically, I go with a water-based when I’m working here in Houston because of the weather (during the summer and fall) and type of dress. Regardless of the quality, oil-based pomade on the collar gets to be nuisance after some time — they will also force an intensive wash to remove.

My shirts are…important…to me. So, I prefer a quick rinse/wipe versus an intensive wash just for the collar. For example, I cringe whenever circumstances forces me to wash one my Norse Projects oxfords.

BUT…a good hair cut (or relatively more frequent haircut pattern) would allow you to completely ignore this problem.

James BuiComment