Why I Pomp with Relatively Long Hair.

There are many ways to style and craft a pompadour. A few good. A few bad. Some completely wrong. But most of which, are 100% correct. What I mean is everyone has their own way of styling the pompadour because everyone’s hair is unique. I’ve received messages and questions referring to or complementing my decision to style a pompadour with relatively long hair.

Commonly, people style a pompadour with ~6” long hair. I’m talking about the top middle section, and it gets slightly shorter going towards the back. More easily measured, they typically have hair going down to the tip of their nose. This is the length of hair at which I started pomping with.

Any sort of additional length beyond this will not provide additional pomp height.

In other words, when I had 6” long hair…I could already style the tallest pompadour possible with my hair. This does not include the choice of using blow dryers, hair spray, or any other that other whack shit — that you should NOT be using. I’m not saying the specifics will apply to you (i.e. at 6 inches, you’ll face the same phenomenon), but the general concept will apply to you eventually. It’s up to you to figure out what length maxes out your height.

Now…why do I have long hair then if it doesn’t get me additional height?

It’s for the slickness.

This is the reason why I have hair longer than I need it to be. Trust. It makes styling MUCH MUCH MUCH more difficult. However, what I prefer and what I define as slick is seeing the entire hair slicking up and back. I don’t want to see any sort of discontinuation on the top of my head. I like the perception that it is a single strand of hair that slicks from the front all the way to the back. It is a complete sweep, not some sort of layering pattern.

Google other pompadours online to see what I’m talking about. (I don’t go ahead and post these other photos because they are not mine. Also, I don’t wanna to push the idea that my way is right and there’s is wrong.)

But yeah….I hope this explains why I style with ‘longer’ hair.