1. Provide honest, informative, and concise reviews of pomade and related products to the public.
  2. Support and aid new pomade brewers with the publicity and community available.
  3. Make sure everyone is informed and provided with the opportunity to use the finest hair products.

The Pomp has helped grow many of the craft pomades you commonly know today. Though the quality of the product is a direct result of the brewers’ dedication, I am proud to have play a role in their financial success. The Pomp is currently the most visited and watched pomade reviewing website/channel on the internet. A good review from The Pomp can provide an effective foundation on which your product may launch. A bad review from will do the opposite. You are never guaranteed a positive review, but in the same light, you should always be confident of your product.

This document explains review policy. Please scroll down to your applicable section.


Requests for pomade reviews are frequent and abundant on this blog. Approximately 25% requests have been either ignored or declined — a majority of which has been due to time constraints.

As a results, we have instituted a fee to conduct pomade reviews in order to reduce the number of requests and ensure dedication from the brewers. In other words, it makes sure the brewer is confident and willing to take a risk. To conduct the review, the brewer must provide the hair product in exchange for a written and video review. Homebrewers and craft brewers, please email me for more information as this fee may be waived for you. The purpose of this blog has been and always will be to promote craft pomades.

In addition, the opportunity to conduct a free giveaway to my readers will be provided to you, the brewer. The purpose of this is to help promote your brand, social media outlets, and help launch the review off in style.

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Since the beginning, we’ve helped many craft brewers develop their own line of pomade. Though I cannot help you directly with the formula and ingredients, our opinion can help you refine your new pomade to a higher standard.

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Whether it be a limited edition run or a completely new permanent addition to your line, The Pomp can collaborate with you to make a new pomade. This is a very exciting new venture that we’ve decided to take on and offer to you guys. Of course, it is reserved for only the finest brewers out there.

Similar to the consultation, we provide our connoiseurship to help you make the best product possible. In addition, we can also take care of the design work involved with label, brand, and logo development — along with pushing for publicity. In return, we require a fair split of credit and proceeds based on the number of parties involved in its creation.

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We can also help you develop the visual presentation of your product, whether it be the label, logo, or branding. 

Commissions will be charged by the hour.

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