If we feel your email can be answered by one of these FAQ's, then YOUR EMAIL WILL BE IGNORED without warning.

M Y   T R A C K I N G   N U M B E R   S A Y S   I T ' S   N O T   F O U N D .   W H A T ' S   W R O N G ?

Just wait. There are usually two different possible scenarios. Your tracking number has just been made, and it'll take USPS anywhere from one to two days to generate a tracking page for the package. The other possibility is that USPS is simply delayed and has failed to sync the tracking number (this has happened multiple times before and is NOT a fault on our end nor is it something we can control). You will, within the next few days, magically see the tracking number page become marked as delivered.

W H E R E   I S   M Y   P A C K A G E ?

If it has been less than one week since you've made your order, we will not reply to your email and you need to simply wait. Your order has been forwarded to the respective brewer(s) and it's on their plate. Occasionally, brewers will experience delays, and they'll ship your order as soon as they can make it. Please take into account that we are not Amazon Prime -- the weekends and holidays are NOT business days. 

M Y   P A C K A G E   I S   M I S S I N G   I T E M S .   W H E R E   A R E   T H E Y ?

If you ordered multiple items from multiple brewers, then your shipment will arrive in multiple packages -- one package for each unique brewer. You should receive an email from each brewer with a tracking number when they fulfill their respective part of the order. Also, allowing orders of multiple items was forced upon us by Squarespace and required much more complicated back-end automation to fulfill. Please be patient with us as we streamline this new feature.

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