Admiral Fiber Pomade Review

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You guys caught a glimpse of this product a few months back. It was a very quick one when I was helping Admiral with the development of their new pomade. It is a fiber pomade.

Now, what is a fiber pomade and why? The idea is that you have a product with strands of fiber in it. The microscopic strands of fiber get liined up with strands of hair and thus, reinforce the hair without the need of gel-like hardening. Though they’re typically not as strong as a gel or water-based pomade, they provide hold with as little weight as possible and remaining malleable throughout the day. 

Typically, it’s used for looser styles such faux pomp because of it’s lightness, strength-to-weight ratio, and matte appearance. This also makes it a prime choice for those newcomers to the pomade world and shy to shiny products.

Admiral Fiber Pomade jar

This presentation of the jar is clean as fuhhh. It has the same jar as the original Admiral Pomade with the exception of the label on top. The once red label has been changed to black. The jar overall looks clean as hell.


In comparison to the original coconut-scent of Admiral Pomade, the Fiber Pomade has a vanilla-scent. It’s smooth and light. In all truth, it’s actually really nice because it is a pleasant and good representation of vanilla. A lot of the other products just have a doughy fake-ass scent.

Admiral Fiber Pomade texture


The texture of this pomade is much better than the other fiber pomades I’ve used. This one is more like honey than the standard water-based, but much softer than JS Sloane or Bona Fide Fiber. It’s nice.


Applying the pomade is easy for fiber pomade. Not too great for a water-based product in general but still workable. 


The pomade doesn’t lend to too many stray hairs, but slickness isn’t even a characteristic that fiber pomades prioritize. Nevertheless, the product is cleaner than the standard water-based. It does well to keep the pomp together. 


They definitely increased the amount of mica mineral in the final revision of the fiber pomade. Though lovers of matte may not like this. I’m sure the majority of us will enjoy this welcomed characteristic. It brings your hair up to a small notch above natural shine. It looks like you have product in your hair.


Good hold. A solid medium.

Admiral Fiber Pomade pomp
Admiral Fiber Pomade slickness
Admiral Fiber Pomade part


In all honesty, I intend to change the criteria for fiber pomades once I get a few more under my belt. Endurance is not something fiber pomades seek to embody in the same manner and to the same extent that we experience in standard water-based pomades. Hence why I don’t have additional photos here in the review. Your hair will likely get messed up. 


The pomade remains workable. This is great because though this is the purpose of fiber pomades, it isn’t always the reality for most water-based pomades. While styling, the carrier medium evaporates and the fibers are left behind to do their work. 


It barely hardens up. The little amount of actual pomade that doesn’t evaporates goes and hardens up. This is only a very little which means the pomade remains very well malleable.


Overall, this product is great. It is a huge improvement over all the other fiber pomades I’ve tried in the past. It truly utilizes the fibers in a manner that optimizes their characteristic. It is a fiber pomade and does it well.

You can check out Admiral Fiber here and use our promo code THEPOMP to get it for under $11.00 a jar.