Anchors Shape Maker (Teddy Boy Original) Pomade Review

Video review here:

I admit it. Many of my favorite pomades today are ones that I assumed to be terrible…but once forced to try them for you guys, I’m proven wrong. They turn out to become some of the finest pomades I’ve used. This one is no exception to this phenomenon.

I’m sure many of us have tried out some of those creamy-looking water-based products. There are jell-o ones like Layrite and Uppercut. Then, there are jelly-like ones such as TDB No.1 or Admiral. And last, there are these creamy-ones like Brylcreem and Dax Hair Shaper.

Anchor’s Shape Maker Pomade is one among these creamy pomades. Right off the bat, I wasn’t looking forward to reviewing this product because of my past experiences, but it came from Rebel Gent with high recommendations. So, I was like, “Fuck it. I dooz it.”

Anchors Shape Maker pomade jar

This is the product. You’re thinking, “Oh. That looks small.” Yeah. It is. The reason is you actually shouldn’t need to use much every time at all. Unless, you…ummm…suck. But that’s your own fault. It’s a 2.6 oz. plastic jar with some above average design work to compose it all together. For some reason, the style just reminds me of something I’d find in a Whole Foods store.

Opening it up, we see that it’s an opaque, off-white cream. Get your mind out of the gutter. Anyways, be sure to take a look and admire the list of ingredients. Finally…something different. You’ll notice right away the second and third most significant ingredients by weight at carnauba wax (it’s spelled incorrectly on the jar) and bees wax. The former may sound familiar (shoe and car wax ring a bell). Both are a naturally-occurring wax found in nature.

Wax. Water-based. Mutha fuckin’ thumbs up. We’re gunna get hold from the wax. That same ingredient will also keep everything pliable and malleable. And this will all be water-soluble. Hell. Yeah.

Anchors Shape Maker pomade texture


It has a high wax content, so it won’t feel like your standard water-based pomade. That means more grip and more work to spread it all around; however, you shouldn’t have any issue getting it around. If you do though, you may want to let your hair be a lil more damp.


Time. Just watch the video. I have never styled as quickly with any other product than this one. Literally.

Slickness. Surprisingly, it did better than many waxy oil-based products in keeping all my hairs together. And if an issue ever came up, wetcombing was a quick and easy solution. The shine was also nice. So, it obviously isn’t gunna be super shiny like a grease. But the carnauba wax did lend to a nice and moderate shine — a compliment to my hair’s natural shine. Like, it makes it look like my hair is extra shiny in a healthy way rather than coated in a shiny product.

Strength. YES! This product is golden in this category. Finally, we have a water-based product that gives you great hold WITHOUT making you tear out your follicles. And it doesn’t dry. Effing…thank you.

Anchors Shape Maker pomade pomp
Anchors Shape Maker pomade slickness
Anchors Shape Maker pomade part


I haven’t been this pleased with a water-based product since the day I tried The Daimon Barber No.1 Hair Pomade. This stuff is great…just look at the pictures. 

Honestly, I would prefer a more cologne-like or fresh scent as you guys know I always want. HOWEVER, the performance of this product has made me a fan. It ranks among my top three water-based pomades of all time and a must-have-constantly-stocked in my cabinet.

Anchor’s Shape Maker Pomade receives my seal of approval. 

Thank you Rebel Gent for making me check out this product. I owe you one.