Baxter of California Cream Pomade Review

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Before trying out this product, I had only used the Hard Cream Pomade. I had expected this product to only be a light version. However, I’ve come to learn that when you change the strength and hold of a product…there’s a lot of other changes that ensue — good or bad. In this case, it was good.

Allow me to introduce to you, Cream Pomade by Baxter of California. A light hold pomade meant to soften up your hair while at the same time, providing you enough control to shape and form your however you’d like.

Baxter of California Cream Pomade jar

This is the jar. By this time, I’m sure you guys have seen this jar a billion times. It looks exactly the same as the rest of their hair product line with the exception of label distinction. It is a relatively small 2 oz. thick glass jar. The all the jars embody a minimalist design that borders between reminds me of a blend between hair salon and interior design. In other words, they’re simply beautiful jars. Clean as hell.


As with the jar, the product smells no differently than any of the other hair products. After trying their Soft Water Pomade, Hard Water Pomade, and Hard Cream Pomade, I’d like to once again…conclude they all have the same scent. Now, this ain’t bad because you guys don’t have any reason to be trying out all four of their products as I have. You’ll (ideally) choose the one that works best for you and use only that one, and that way, it doesn’t matter to you that the scent is repeated. Plus…either way, the scent is clean and refreshing…it’s a citrus musk.

Baxter of California Cream Pomade texture


Out of all the pomades we’ve looked at, this Cream Pomade has set the bar for lotion textures. It truly scoops out like a lotion and is really smooth. This pomade scoops out easily and smears just like lotion.


Applying the product is also a breeze; however, as a cream pomade in comparison to a standard water-based (gel) pomade, it has a stickiness to it. This is the easiest cream pomade in terms of application. However, it’ll be preferable to apply to damp hair and/or do it quickly, when this product begin to dry…it remains malleable, but the stickiness does make it more difficult.


For a pomade that is meant for texture, this product did great. In all actuality, this product offers what it refers to as ‘frizz-free definition’. This allows it to keep all the hairs to kept together…actually…this may also make for a good top-knotting cream.


No shine. It won’t make your hair all matte and what not…how your hair naturally shines is how it’ll stay.


The strength is definitely a light hold, but the overall control was much greater than I expected. The pomade applied and combed through like a lotion, but when styling, the product made my hair very obedient. As you can see in the video, it’s nice.

Baxter of California Cream Pomade pomp
Baxter of California Cream Pomade slickness
Baxter of California Cream Pomade part


Today’s test was an unusually tough test (and the reason why we don’t have after-photos)…one that no pomade has ever survived: a care tire change in the hot (and beautiful) California sun. Luckily, I’ve tried this product for the past few days which gives me a good set of trials to work off of. It will survive up until about 4-6pm. The pomade will last the majority of a day, but you make notice sagging mid-day in your pomp. 


If your hair had retained its dampness, it’s real easy. However, once the product does dry, it becomes more difficult — a source of water may help. Basically, the early the restyle attempt, the easier.


It dries to the same extent as The Daimon Barber No.1, so in other words, only to a very tiny extent.


Easily washes out, and as with the rest of the Baxter of California line, it doesn’t leave the hair dry. I’ve had good experiences with the line in this regard.


Out of the many other texture hair products we’ve tried on this blog, this definitely has to be one of the superior options. If I were styling a much short hairstyle, this would be an optimal choice of great control and lightness.

For more information on this pomade, check it out here.