Cool Grease Blue Pomade Review

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Whether you’re some hardcore Rockabilly or a Japanophile from superfuture, you’ve probably heard of Cool Grease. Manufactured by Fine Comestics (Japanese company), they’re readily available in Japan and East Asia. They’ve come across to the US via sketchy resellers and very few reputable pomade retailer sites, but thanks to HedgeLion, they’ve formally arrived in the States. According to what I’ve seen, this is the first and only AUTHORIZED retailer here in the states. I fully capitalized ‘authorized’ because I know some of you won’t know what that means and don’t understand the significance of it. In simplest terms, all you need to know is that this means you’ll have the full range of product with affordable and consistent prices.

Today, we’ll be looking at Cool Grease Super Shaping Pomade, better known as Cool Grease Blue. I will be reviewing majority of the Cool Grease ‘Water Type’ line. So, I decided to start off with a pair of their most standard and versatile products: the Blue and Red jars. I’ll be doing the Red jar tomorrow.

Cool Grease Blue Pomade jar

The jar is well designed and solid. Printing directly onto the plastic jar always makes it look a lot better unless a company is willing to spend extra money on fancy paper (i.e. The Iron Society). The design shouldn’t be described as ‘clean’ and rather, it reeks of Asian interpretation of Retro/Rockabilly-America. It’s however you interpret it. I find it both comical and pleasing, yet I still feel very awkward seeing Anglicized character forms on the jar. That’s a loaded sentence.


Straight up. It smells like Kool Aid mixed with Capri Sun juice. You got a candy-like fruit scent, but it’s definitely distinct from real fruits due to a lack tangy-ness/sourness. It makes me crave gummy bears, but do I want that shit in my hair? No. BUT…it’s a very light smell and actually, disappear in no time at all. 

Cool Grease Blue Pomade texture


This feel of this pomade before it gone into your hair is similar to that of Boulevard Nights. The pomade has a real Jell-O like look and feel, but is slightly resistant to agitation or scooping. This is unconsciously prevent you from using to much product.


The pomade applies very easily. It’s got a slick and oily feel to it which plays into the bounce-characteristic on this product. I’ll explain later. The pomade goes in easily and isn’t sticky at all. We come across this problem every once in a while with water-based pomades where the brewer made it a lil too sticky. This isn’t the case here.


For a water-based pomade, this is some slick shit AND in the same fashion as a normal oil-based pomade. These categories that I split my review into….they slightly change in definition between water and oil based pomades. This product prevents strays with slickness and not strength. This is something we see with very slick oil-based pomades, but a first with water-based pomades. The pomp and sides are kept together, but a lack in strength (as I’ll explain later on) can’t hold it together. It’s analogous to a comparison of micro versus macro. Slickness holds individual hairs together while strength keeps the pomp, as a whole, together.


This was a surprise. I didn’t think I’d find a water-based pomade that would keep a shine like Layrite Super Shine until now. It keeps a shine through the whole day…with little loss after a few hours. It’s also not an absurd shine…it’s moderate and very nice.


I wish it had more strength. I mean…yeah….I can style with it. Of course. I can style with almost anything at this point, but that’s not how we should judge the pomade. It should satisfy what we want, not just what we need. BUT PLEASE…don’t take this mindset into the rest of your life. 

But yes, I wanted more strength. The lack of strength here make it difficult to balance out and fight the bounce this pomade had. It also made the product slightly unpredictable at times…and this is with my fine, straight hair. Good luck taming anything with this pomade.

Cool Grease Blue Pomade pomp
Cool Grease Blue Pomade shine
Cool Grease Blue Pomade part


You will have to restyle, but….


…this pomade doesn’t dry. It remains wholly re-workable WITHOUT water. So effing legit. It’s got a gel-like texture, yet the pomade doesn’t dry into a crusty rock.


It does harden, but that’s not to be mistaken as it crusting up.


Washes out completely and easily. Whatchu expect?

Cool Grease Blue Pomade final pomp
Cool Grease Blue Pomade final shine
Cool Grease Blue Pomade final part


Overall, this pomade is a great one and I’d highly recommend you guys looking into it. Cool Grease Blue definitely has some clear advantages over other products in its class. Nevertheless, I want more hold, and I”m confident some of their other products will gimme what I’m looking for.

If you’re styling a low pomp or don’t find yourself need excessive control, this is a clearly superior pomade. Throw away your Suavecito. There is (and has been) a better product out there.

For more information on this product, check it out here.