Cool Grease Concrete Pomade Review

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Because you guys wanted this review the most, I decided to hold it off for last. It’s interesting to see how my reviews of heavier products get a lot more hits than the lighter pomades…no matter how well or bad the heavyweights perform. There are many people who (falsely) believe they need a heavy pomade…but of course, heavy in what sense? There’s are of different ways a pomade can be heavy…sadly, it’s been all grouped into one category. Simplifying what is actually complicated.

This is Cool Grease Concrete…what they consider to be their ‘hardest’ pomade. 

Almost every aspect of this jar caters to its name, Concrete. The grayscale color scheme and bold serif font choice. Yes, it’s all nifty and shit…but I don’t like any of it. It’s like whatever.


You can say it smells like literal concrete. In actuality, it smells like an unscented wax-heavy product…but that actually smells a lot like concrete. It has a dusty-hint to it…and shit…the name will sway your opinion.


The pomade, unlike many other heavy pomades, is soft and pasty in texture. It scoops out easily and has a feel similar to that of Cool Grease Flat (Green).


It departs from most of the other Cool Grease products in this aspect. Unlike the other pomades that are relatively slick, Concrete has some serious grip to it. This makes it difficult to apply — not impossible, but difficult.


This pomade is a matte pomade and pretty dry in feel…that causes the pomade to not grip very well with itself. You’ll get a strays with Concrete — no doubt about that.


Nonexistent. It’s a matte product after all.


The pomade is strong…in some ways. It still has a bounce to it but that is well-subdued by the dryness of the pomade. It’s not very strong in terms of its strength-to-weight ratio. It has a brute force strength to it. 


The pomade is nothing special when it comes to enduring the whole day. Though you can probably get away with it, I’d still recommend you be ready to restyle.


Unlike the first time I used this pomade, it didn’t dry up. This made it easy to restyle.


Nope. Didn’t dry. Well…at least, this time.


Washes out one hunnid if you got a good amount of shampoo to use.


It’s a good product but not for me. As you guys already know, I’m looking for a well-balanced pomade. I’m also unsure of whether this pomade can tame unruly hair. It’s heaviness/hardness is different from other pomades and doesn’t seem strong in terms of its control. I’d highly recommend the Cool Grease XX over Concrete.

For more information check out the pomade here.