Cool Grease Cool Wax Review

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Next on the list is the Cool Grease Cool Wax. Cool ‘err thangggg. As the title suggests and the performance supports, this is a wax-focused pomade that is still water-soluble. It’s what I’d like to describe as the Japanese counterpart to Anchors Teddy Boy Matte. They are two very similar feeling pomades…and so, let’s get to it.

Cool Grease Cool Wax jar

I’m going to be straight forward again (like always). I don’t like the design. I don’t see how this map/explorer-theme ties into anything else. It’s an eeehhhhh-cool thing (3/10), but not worthy of being the sole concept. The jar itself is sturdy and clean. You’d think this jar carries more product, but actually, it’s still a 87g jar. For some reason, they decide to follow suit with salon products where a large part of the jar is just….air. 


You can pick up a VERY light wax smell, but for relevancy, it’s unscented. I’d prefer unscented over bad-scented any day and given my track record with Cool Grease, I’m down with unscented.

Cool Grease Cool Wax texture


It scoops out with a lil more stickiness than Teddy Boy Matte. Overall, it’s got a real nice feel to it.


REALLY EASY. Even easier than Anchors Teddy Boy Matte. This pomade goes in really light and it continues to feel very light while in the hair. It’s nice and dry…no greasy feel at all.


Because it applies really lightly and feels dry, it makes the pomade not as slick as we’d like. To me, it’s a worthwhile sacrifice. This is one of the best feeling pomades I’ve ever used. I still don’ get any strays with this product, so it’s a good balance to me.




It’s definitely a step down from Cool Grease Z. Ignoring what Cool Grease claims, I’d put this somewhere around the mid-range of the Blue…however, the dryness of this pomade makes it a lot easier to work with. 

Cool Grease Cool Wax pomp
Cool Grease Cool Wax shine
Cool Grease Cool Wax part


As expected, this pomade didn’t last very long at all. It was a light pomade, and I didn’t expect it to hold perfectly. You’ll likely have to restyle about 1-2 throughout the day. 


Good part is that this pomade stay soft. You shouldn’t have much of a problem restyling. HOWEVER, later in the day, you’ll notice a significant amount of the pomade ‘going away’. In other words, it’ll feel like you have less product in you hair and that makes it more difficult to style.


Settles in like other wax-heavy pomades, but never dries like a gel.


Washes out one hunnid.

Cool Grease Cool Wax final pomp
Cool Grease Cool Wax final shine
Cool Grease Cool Wax final part


Overall, Cool Wax is another great and unique product. I’d highly recommend trying this pomade out and keeping it on-hand as a light/off-day pomade — perfect when you wanna just throw  a part to the side.

For more information on this product, check it out here.