Cool Grease Fiber Grease Pomade Review

Cool Grease Fiber Grease Pomade Review

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Damn. It’s been a long time since I’ve made a pomade review. Yeah, two weeks is a long time. I wasn’t sure what to come back into the game with, but I closed my eyes and ended up grabbing the yellow jar before I started video-ing. That’s that and forreal…what a way to welcome myself back.

Allow me to introduce to you: Fiber Grease (Yellow) by Cool Grease.

Cool Grease Fiber Grease Pomade jar

Between the Red, Blue and Yellow jars…we see a similar type of design and overall aesthetic feel. In other words, I get the same vibe. With that said, they are all similar products with a few minor differences that make still distinct from one another. The Blue is the lightest (I believe) and the Red is both a notch up in hold and shine. Yet, they’re still very similar products. This yellow one is definitely a unique piece. 


The scent is no different from the Red or Blue. They’re similar enough to where I’m just like, “Fuck it. All the same.” I don’t like my hair smelling like fruit candy. Yes, it smells yummy…but no as a personal scent. Luckily, it is light and goes away pretty quick.

Cool Grease Fiber Grease Pomade


The texture of the product is strangely thicker than the Red and Blue. In comparison to the other fiber products we’ve looked at here on the blog (Admiral Fiber and Bona Fide Fiber), the consistency of Fiber Grease is thicker. 


Yet, it applies slightly easier than other two I mentioned. I’m guessing it’s due to the original formula of Cool Grease. If you notice, the fiber products from most lines still use a base that is similar to the their original pomade. This makes Bona Fide Fiber apply like JS Sloane which sucks. Admiral Fiber is the true truest truly fiber…and so, in its nature, dry to application and difficult. Fiber Grease is a tad dry in comparison to the Red and Blue, but still easy to apply.

I will talk more about this later, but note now…we can challenge Fiber Grease on how much of a FIBER product it is. If it weren’t for its label, I would not have known it was a fiber-based pomade. Whether or not you hold it against this pomade is up to you…it’s performance is still unbelievable. 


The pomade (despite being a fiber) is a pretty slick product. This is what we expect and in all honesty, not what a person who uses fiber pomade is looking for. Typically, a user chooses fiber pomades for their matte-look, dryness, and to obtain a textured look. But…THIS is what I’m looking for. It holds my hair together, yet it still has a liveliness to it. I’m talking about the ‘bounce’ we experienced with the Red and Blue. Thankfully, the fibers here tame the ‘bounce’ and make it all the more predictable.


The chart is a lie. This product is shiny. I like that, but if you basing your choice off the chart…it’s not right with this one.


This pomade lacks raw strength, but that doesn’t mean it lacks holding power. There are a lot more factors that play into how a product performs in terms of creating a nice and formidable pompadour. As you can see, the pompadour is tall as hell and has a beautiful shape to it. Also, take into account that my hair is unusually short right now (barely down to my nose)…this only make this pomade ever the more exceptional.

You’ll notice in the last picture of this section, my back is completely fucked up. This is due to my short hair and also, the nature of this pomade. You can control this with a stronger pomade, but this pomade…isn’t intended to provide this level of hold.

Would you use a Subaru WRX STI (hatchback, of course) to do the work of a Ford King Ranch? The WRX has power…but a different kind of power.

Cool Grease Fiber Grease Pomade pomp
Cool Grease Fiber Grease Pomade shine
Cool Grease Fiber Grease Pomade part
Cool Grease Fiber Grease Pomade slickness


This pomade fared unexpectedly well. REALLY WELL. I came home barely noticing any difference with my hair. We do have some slight splitting making its way from the back and a littleeee bit of sagging. Nevertheless, this pomade has performed better in this category than many heavyweight oil or water-based pomades.


Doesn’t dry. Settles a bit but does NOT dry.


Completely washed out in one go.

Cool Grease Fiber Grease Pomade final pomp
Cool Grease Fiber Grease Pomade final slickness
Cool Grease Fiber Grease Pomade final part
Cool Grease Fiber Grease Pomade final shine


This is clearly the best product from the Cool Grease line. It picks up where the other products fall short. Fiber Grease is a well-balanced pomade that receives my seal of approval without a doubt. The pictures don’t lie.

For more information on Fiber Grease, check it out here.