Cool Grease Flat Pomade Review

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With the new haircut, the schedule had to be changed to make my reviews more I thought. I decided to shift away from the much stronger products and move up the lighter pomades from Cool Grease. This was in hopes that lighter ones would have more weight and less hold -- both forcing me and allowing me to style a low pomp to accommodate the new haircut. 

According to the chart, Cool Grease Flat pomade is supposed to be slightly lighter in hold and less shiny, relative to the Red and Blue. 

Cool Grease Flat Pomade jar

The pomade jar has a strange color scheme of orange and green, which actually works pretty well. I'm at a loss of what it reminds me of. The design work beyond that is pretty clean. My only issue is the image of the dude on the top and front of the jar. He's got a clean combover or side part. It looks pretty slick and shiny. You can NOT get that from this product, so it's pretty misleading.


Think about those Albanese gummy bears. I mistakenly referred to them as Albania gummy bears. This pomade smells like a fruity candy...pushing more towards a watermelon.

Cool Grease Flat Pomade texture


The pomade feels a lot like Cool Grease Z. This is definitely not what I expected from Cool Grease flat given that it's supposed to be lighter. Nevertheless, the thickness of the product does make it a more enjoyable experience to use.


The application was initially easy to apply, but it got difficult real quick. The product was actually very dry and was slightly worse than JS Sloane.


It was not slick. Due to the dry characteristics, my hairs could not stick to itself. It could shift across itself, which makes the hair just fall apart. 




I would actually consider this pomade to be stronger than the Red and Blue. Unlike the other Cool Grease products, it doesn't have any bounce to it. The product has a stiff and dry kind of hold.

Cool Grease Flat Pomade pomop
Cool Grease Flat Pomade shine
Cool Grease Flat Pomade slickness
Cool Grease Flat Pomade hold


The pomade didn't actually fend too well during the day. It's not that the hold wasn't enough. The lack of slickness allowed the hair to shift about itself, and so, the hair quickly lost its shape.


The dryness of this pomade also made it difficult to restyle. The pomade was never really malleable to begin with...even if you add some water, the pomade is definitely a brittle one. 


It never gets as crunchy as a gel, but still...this isn't soft at all.


Rinses out one hunnid.

Cool Grease Flat Pomade endurance
Cool Grease Flat Pomade part
Cool Grease Flat Pomade final pomp
Cool Grease Flat Pomade final shine


Overall, I can't say I like this pomade much at all. Even if I chose to style something lighter and looser than a pomp with my hair, it was not a ideal product to work with. If you want a dry product for some reason, then this maybe a good option for you. However, in my book, the other Cool Grease products are far superior options.

For more information on this product, check it out here.