Cool Grease XX Pomade Review

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When I first received the entire stack of Cool Grease products, this jar was probably one of the most I least looked forward to reviewing. It was mostly due to the smell. Banana candy. Not only do I hate banana-flavored candy (I’m all good with real bananas as fruits), but the smell of them as a hair product? Da fuq?! Nevertheless, this product would turn out to be great in performance.

This is Cool Grease XX (Double-X) Max-Hard pomade. It is the second strongest pomade provided by the Cool Grease — underneath Concrete.

Cool Grease XX Pomade jar

The product comes in a shiny black jar with chrome/mirror-finish labeling. This made is SUCH AN EFFING PAIN to photograph and show in the video. But aside of that, it is an eeehhh-looking jar. It is a cluster-fuh of serif fonts…it seems like Japanese design is always either super clean minimalism (as I prefer) or loud as fuh clutter.


Like I said, it straight up smells like those old high school chemistry class experiments where you used fruit aromas. For some reason, I don’t remember why they never smelled like citrus fruits — always bananas. It is the worst. I hate it. BUT! Like the rest of the Cool Grease line, the scent is light enough to go away within the first half-hour. 

Cool Grease XX Pomade texture


This pomade is unique. After you scoop, the pomade will smooth out within the next hour or so. It has a very low viscosity…we never seen anything this low even with a light weight pomade (oil or water). It makes working with the product easy. I thought this would become an issue later with endurance and what not…but nawh…it was unexpectedly unaffected.


For a heavy, it wasn’t too bad. You can feel it…but…I honestly don’t remember much about this aspect. And if I don’t, then it must have not been a big deal.


It is a slick heavy. You can kinda say this is the Goon Grease of water-based pomades.


It’s nice and shiny. You can see it all in the photos…the shine dulls out a little after the day.


It is a strong product, but I wouldn’t describe it as ‘heavy’. The bounce is still present in this pomade and is only a little easier to tame. The Fiber Grease still does a MUCH better job taming this aspect to our advantage.

Cool Grease XX Pomade pomp
Cool Grease XX Pomade shine
Cool Grease XX Pomade part
Cool Grease XX Pomade shine


The pompadour will sag after a few hours but it retains the potential to hold. What I mean is…restyling will be easy and possibly…even easier than styling it all the first time.


Stays malleable and the product becomes much easier to work with after it settles in a bit.


Settles in…but doesn’t harden up.


Washes all out in one go.

Cool Grease XX Pomade final pomp
Cool Grease XX Pomade final shine
Cool Grease XX Pomade final part
Cool Grease XX Pomade final shine


As the Goon Grease of water-based pomades, this product offers good hold, lots of shine, and slickness to spare. This pomade receives my seal of approval. The only downside is that you have to control the bounce. If you have the time…let this pomade settle for a few minutes after application. You’ll be thankful…styling will be much easier.

For more information, check out Cool Grease XX here.