Cool Grease Z Pomade Review

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After the last two products from the Cool Grease line (Blue & Red), I’m very excited to show you guys this one. It’s likely my favorite from the line, maintaining the same benefits from the lighter products while providing more hold than the others. Let’s talk about Cool Grease Z.

Cool Grease Z Pomade jar

I’m still trying to decide what this jar reminds me of…it’s either…Emperor Zurg from Toy Story or 90s roller blade design work. Whichever way I eventually decide, the visual aspects of this jar are pretty simple and reek of the 90s. I don’t like it. Nevertheless, the handling of the jar (no different than the Red and Blue) is clean, simple, and sturdy.


Straight up. This pomade smells like Hi-Chew. Don’t know what that is? Go to your local supermarket (assuming you live along the coasts) or more preferably, an Asian grocery store….and buy a pack. It is Starburst on steriods…20x better. In short, it’s a super fruity smell. Yummy but in my hair? I don’t know…luckily, like all the other products, the scent does away right quick.

Cool Grease Z Pomade texture


The feel of this pomade is very similar to that of those Formula X and Y pomades that we looked at a long time ago. (I still have no idea who the to-be-makers were.) It scoops out more Jell-O like than the other Cool Grease products…yet, it’s still not gel-status like our American water-based pomades.


The application process is still just as easy. Yes, the product is stiffer due to its greater hold…yet, it doesn’t affect the application to a significant extent. This is assuming you don’t clump in pounds on pounds. With small amounts at a time, most pomades are more than manageable. 


This pomade is basically just as slick as Cool Grease Red and Blue. In comparison to other common water-based pomades, this is a large step up.


Very neutral.


The extra hold we see here is a welcomed step above the other two products we looked at last week. It still has the same bounciness to it. BUT! The extra hold we experience here makes it much more manageable. The bounce ceases to make things go out of control and instead, the bounce combines with the hold to allow a very nice pompadour. Of course….as long as you have the handiwork for it.

Cool Grease Z Pomade pomp
Cool Grease Z Pomade shine
Cool Grease Z Pomade part


For a stronger pomade, I would want more resilience. It’s good enough. You’ll need to restyle midday, but it ain’t a huge issue. 


This pomade does not dry and remains malleable. As far as I’ve seen, this is the strongest pomade from the Cool Grease line that does NOT dry. The stronger products do end up drying up to some extent. I’ll verify this further with the upcoming reviews.


Nope. Stays soft.


Washes out 100%.

Cool Grease Z Pomade final pomp
Cool Grease Z Pomade final shine
Cool Grease Z Pomade final part


It receives my seal of approval. After trying about half the line, Cool Grease Z sit as a my favorite pomade from their line. It is a great balance between hold, bounce, and malleability. The scent and presentation may not be up to my tastes and standard, but the performance is. Or rather, it offers something unique that I feel deserves to be noted.

For more information on Cool Grease Z, check it out here.