Crownes & Combes Premium Pomade Review

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Unless I forget something, this was the first Canadian pomade I’ve ever tried. And honestly, I’m glad I did because this would sit as the lightest pomade I’ve ever used…but still was able to style a pompadour.

Crownes & Combes Premium Pomade jar

The pomade comes in a small 2 oz. jar. You’ll notice that a majority of foreign (non-US) pomades come in a smaller size…and it’s not just because of the metric standard sizes v. English standards. I think….they just haven’t been educated on the idea of McD’s Super Size….or that effing Whataburger Whata-size shit….even bigger.

Either way, size isn’t a big deal. Prices are always adjusted up or down to account for the ounces. 


If they really added a fragrance, then I didn’t smell it. To me, it was the mango butter than really came through giving it a creamy mango scent (as the name suggests). It’s light and thankfully so. In my opinion, if it ain’t a cologne/clean scent, then it should be kept light.

Crownes & Combes Premium Pomade texture


The feel of the product is real nice and smooth. It’s a petroleum-free pomade (I feel like the frequency of this on the market is increasing), but unlike others, it’s really smooth. You’ll see it in the video as I scoop out the product. 


As we expect, it’s unbelievably easy and a much more pleasing experience than with many other lightweight pomades. The reason I say this is because it’s not greasy — both literally and by sensation. The product feels like a cream and that makes your hair feel healthy.


It’s a slick product. And this is a big hats off to the maker since it was accomplished without making it a greasy product. Many times, as you guys can imagine, a product is nice and slick but at the same time, feels super greasy. It’s nice to know it’s not a sacrifice I have to make with this product.


The shine is only average. In all honesty, the lighting in the photos really exaggerated the shine. But then again, do I want excessive amounts of shine? No. This is as much as I want.


Like I said, it’s light. One of the lightest I’ve ever used. Lighter than Grandad’s Light. Lighter than Lockhart’s Light. As light as Royal Crown.

Crownes & Combes Premium Pomade pomp
Crownes & Combes Premium Pomade slickness
Crownes & Combes Premium Pomade part


It fared moderately well, but surprisingly well for a light pomade. I did have to restyle, of course. No way you’ll be alright the whole day without doing so. Be sure to bring a comb with this one.


Malleable from beginning to end.

Buildup Quality

The pomade that is left over (if any) is nice and soft. Definitely not anywhere close to the greasy feel we commonly see. 

Ease of Removal

Two showers and you should have everything removed.

Crownes & Combes Premium Pomade final pomp
Crownes & Combes Premium Pomade final shine
Crownes & Combes Premium Pomade final pomp part


It is a good product. Definitely the lightest product I’ve ever been able to style the pompadour with. What this more importantly means is that you nuckas that style anything that doesn’t require as much hold as the pomp, this is a damn good choice. It’s light and won’t hold down your hair. Everything will look clean, but not overdone.

For more information, check out there website here.