Daniel Williams Pomade Original Review

Video review above or here: http://youtu.be/OYTBsWbfmkI

It’s always an honor to be contacted by international brewers for these pomade reviews. We would have more of these reviews of international pomades, but from my experience, it seems as though only Australian and UK packages make it successfully here. Stacks on stack of Indonesian brewers have attempted to send me stuff with straight-up zero success. 

Anyways, allow me to introduce you to a pomade that came all the way from Melbourne, Daniel Williams Pomade — also known as DWP. I’ve been in occasional contact with Daniel when he made the decision long ago to start brewing. I’m happy to say he’s now off to a good start and glad to finally see the product for myself.

Daniel Williams Pomade Original jar

As should be obvious with the packaging and presentation of this product, it’s cleanly designed pomade that seeks to also be the same in use. DWP is not aimed at the rockabilly market like a majority of other pomades are. Instead, it caters to those who simply care about their appearance. 

I, also, can’t overlook the way it was shipped to me. Look at the pictures below. I always enjoy receiving product from other people who are very meticulous and considerate of how their product is experienced by the consumer. Every little detail is important to compose the user experience. 

Daniel Williams Pomade Original packaging
Daniel Williams Pomade Original package

The goop inside is the standard off-white, and this is because the product here is based off the classic ingredients — with a little more variety when it comes to the waxes used here. The scent is a fruity and candy-like grape scent. It’s just like a grape-flavored Hi-Chew.  

Daniel Williams Pomade Original texture


'Twas an absolute breeze to apply this product. It scooped out like Royal Crown Pomade and spread around like a hair dressing. 


Time. I won’t lie, it actually took me a while to style my hair with this product. I would categorize it as somewhere between a medium and lightweight product. So, it’s reasonable to expect that this product has a liveliness that takes time (and skill) to tame. Also, I need an effing haircut. I’ll get that next week.

Slickness. This stuff is greasy and thus, pretty damn slick. Trust.

Strength. Like I said before, I’d categorize this pomade as a medium-light product. You can get a natural pompadour with this product, but you’ll need to bring a comb with you wherever you go.

Daniel Williams Pomade Original pomp
Daniel Williams Pomade Original shine
Daniel Williams Pomade Original part


It’s a good product that builds upon pre-existing knowledge of pomade. Daniel Williams Pomade (DWP) is a simple and light product that allows the natural characteristics of your hair to show through. I look forward to checking out the rest of his line.

For more information about the growing brand, check it out here: danielwilliamspomade.com/