Deluxe Pomade Review

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When a brewer chooses to use only petroleum, beeswax, mineral oil, and fragrance…it can be said that the man (or woman) is sticking to the classics. At the same time, it can be argued that they are playing it safe and thus, creating a bland product.

Coming into the review, I already knew how this product would perform. Read the ingredients…and you already know what to expect. Yeah. The brewer can change up the formula and how the ingredients are balanced, but forreal…does anyone really ever divert from the norm with these ingredients. Most oil-based pomades are similar…yes. But even with Honda Civics and Ford F150s everywhere…this one is like a Ford Focus. 

It’ll get you everywhere you need to go…but why didn’t you just get a Civic? And if they release a heavy version, it’ll be like a Ford Focus ST. ‘Nuff said. 

Deluxe Pomade jar

Deluxe Pomade comes in the standard 4 oz. tin can with sticker label on its face and butt. True, it’s more visually pleasing than other terribly designed/packaged products like V76 by Vaughn pomade jars (those are fucking hideous). But still, no new things are being attempted here. All text logo and more text on the back. Text on text.

Opening it up, I wanted to say UOENO but…you actually already know it…it’s white. Slight off-white but mostly just white. Upside is that the pomade smells not too shabby. Unlike old school products who have a very powdery odor to them, Deluxe Pomade has a washed-out laundry detergent type of smell. A lil fresh. Still, it’s mostly washed out, so it won’t be clashing with any cologne you use.

Deluxe Pomade texture


It has a texture that borders on the midway between Royal Crown Pomade and Dax Green & Gold. This is actually a nice place to be at where you are not as greasy/oily as RC, but not too waxy like Dax G&G. This makes it an easy pomade to apply and work with.


Time. With simplicity, you gain predictability and that means it’s quick to do some good work with this product. Still, the lack of strength does give it tricky.

Slickness. This stuff is pretty damn slick and of course, this is something we expect from a traditional oil-based pomade. As you can see, no stray hairs and damn good shine.

Strength. I have no idea why this pomade is listed as a strong hold pomade. I would literally categorize it in between a medium and light — most definitely, not a strong hold.

Deluxe Pomade pomp
Deluxe Pomade shine
Deluxe Pomade part


This pomade can give you a good pompadour…but is that all we really care about? A pomade should allow you to style a good pomp — that’s a given and that makes it a good pomade. To make it an excellent pomade, it needs to stand above the rest and unique from what is already available. This pomade is as basic as it gets. So, if you’re looking for something that won’t give you any surprises, this is it.

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