Imperial Fiber Pomade Review

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Every once in a while, the topic of fiber pomades comes up. It’s not to often within our community because of the inherit characteristics of fiber products. However, whenever they do come up, you can be sure Imperial Fiber Pomade will be mentioned.

 Thus, I wanted to give it a try.

Imperial Fiber Pomade jar

The jar is little different from any of the other products from the Imperial line. They got some pretty clean and minimal design work which lends to a….pretty damn nice lil jar. And weighing out at 6 oz., you’ll be getting a good amount of goop for the money.


Smells like watermelon gum.

Imperial Fiber Pomade packaging


The pomade scoops out not too differently from their Gel Pomade. That’s a good thing. It’s more like a goop than like a jelly-texture. This makes it super easy to work with and scoop out.


 Super easy to apply as you can see in the video and won’t take anything more than a thought to apply. 


The product will keep all your hairs together and do it pretty well. Not to the extent of a standard water-base, of course, but it will make it nice. There will be a looseness to your pomade that give your hair a different aesthetic.


Just enough to show you have product in your hair.


It’s a medium-light pomade. Gives a very traditional type of hold which makes the product predictable and easy to use.

Imperial Fiber Pomade pomp
Imperial Fiber Pomade slickness
Imperial Fiber Pomade part

I didn’t feel like taking pictures of my hair later that day because well…it wasn’t even a pomp anymore. 


The pomade still resembled a fiber pomade in regards to its endurance. The product continually loosened up, but maintained a unique aesthetic.


Just make sure you have a source of water.


Barely hardens up.


Washes out super easily. Shampoo is optional.


In comparison to Admiral Fiber, this Imperial Fiber Pomade doesn’t too well to embody and showcase the potential of its fibers. However, it is a great water-based pomade overall. It receives my seal of approval.

Pick some up here.