Lockhart's Light Hold Hair Pomade Review

Video review here: http://youtu.be/RSN0CvmcGU4

This is Lockhart’s Authentic Light Hold Hair Pomade. This is Steve and Nichole’s lightest pomade in their line…thus, I left it to try last in this series of reviews for Lockhart’s.

I’m always and will continue to always try to push light pomades in your faces. Too many people believe heavier is better and stronger is always better — I guess…go America? But anyways…I want everyone to try to use a light or at least, lighter pomade. No, I won’t save baby seals. No, it’s not to save the rain forest. No, you won’t grow a coochie for using a light pomade. Actually, what you will potentially get is a more beautifully shaped pompadour. 

Thus, I would like to re-introduce to you, Lockhart’s Authentic Light Hold Hair Pomade — your first step to learning how to style your hair WITH pomade rather than using pomade TO style your hair.

Lockhart's Light Hold Hair Pomade jar

This the product itself. So, as you can see, it resembles the rest of the Lockhart’s line. Only this time, it comes in a silver tin can with a white label. As with all their other products, the pomade will arrive at your doorstop, sealed along with edges with some vinyl tape. 

The pomade has a semi-transparent off-white color and just straight up look greasy. I can feel the petrolatum on my eyeballs as I look at it — just kidding. It’s average on the greasiness feel. Upon taking a whiff of the pomade, you’ll notice a cinnamon smell immediately. It’s actually clover-cedarwood-cinnamon type of scent according to the official Lockhart’s description of the pomade. In the jar, it’s a very strong smell, but outside and in the hair, the scent becomes very light. As in, I can’t smell myself. Either way, it’s a unique but masculine smell.


The goop feels like what a light pomade should feel like. When scooping it out, it is reminiscent of Royal Crown Hair Dressing BUT firmer and not as oily. Unlike Grandad’s Light Pomade which was still pretty sturdy, Lockhart’s Light Hold shears easily and smears across the palms with almost no resistance. If the Heavy and Goon Grease are smooth as they are, we can expect the Light hold to be smooth as fuhhhhhh.

Applying it was almost effortless. In the video, you’ll notice that I even went to the extent to flip my hair forwards to apply product. I never do that. Or rather, I could never do that because any other product would make that action extremely frustrating and painful. Even spread, easy as fuh. 


Time. Despite being a light hold product, the slickness helped out a lot. I was able to style my hair in less time than average. 

Slickness. This is the greatest attribute of this product. It is some serious slick stuff. You’ll see in the photos below, the shine is insane — just wait until you see it in sunlight. 

Strength. In terms of strength, it is lighter than Grandad’s Light Weight but way stronger than any of Royal Crown’s stuff. It would work amazingly as a topper, yet for me, it is strong enough to style a beautiful pompadour.

Lockhart's Light Hold Hair Pomade - pomp
Lockhart's Light Hold Hair Pomade - top
Lockhart's Light Hold Hair Pomade - part
Lockhart's Light Hold Hair Pomade - slickness


Thus concludes the Lockhart’s review series. This product, by support of the photos, easily receives my seal of approval. 

The entire line of Lockhart’s is characterized by slickness and easy application. It is definitely worth looking into as a whole — with a product available to fit your specific needs.

You can check out their Etsy here.Lock