Three Wise Men Ironfist Lightweight Pomade Review

Video review here:

Around last Christmas, a few of our greatest oil-based pomade homebrewers collaborated on a set for the Christmas season — each showcasing their specialty. The set comes with three different products: Lockhart’s Goon Grease (red), Grandad’s Old Fashioned Mediumweight (green), and Ironfist Lightweight (white). The Goon Grease is the same exact formula but with a gingerbread and cinnamon scent. The Grandad’s Old Fashioned is actually a different formula with an eggnog and clove scent to it. Lastly, the final pomade in the line and the one I’ll be reviewing is Ironfist Lightweight.

The brand is led by a dude named, Steven Giampa. I believe the brand has still yet to be officially launched, but little snippets of his worked has gone out in the form of sample jars…and of course, this collab. Me, I know nothing about this dude or his brand. But, I am a fan and friend of Lockhart’s and Grandad’s. As part of the concept of a collaboration, I trust the two to collaborate only with someone who has the potential to create a product as good as theirs. 

Thus, let me introduce to you Ironfist Lightweight from the Three Wise Men Original Pomade Collection. 

Three Wise Men Ironfist Lightweight Pomade jar

As you can see above, these are the three jars. They have identical labeling and like a Christmas present, the only way to find out which one is which is to open them up. So, below is Ironfist. 

Three Wise Men Ironfist Lightweight Pomade texture

Now, side track, I’m not a frequent use of cologne…AT ALL. I don’t care for it…but…there is one that I actually really like and that’s Comme des Garcons Wonderwood. The scent is straight-up woodiness but not old man style. This pomade’s fragrance has been the closest thing to the cologne I’ve ever smelled. It only has an extra bit of sweetness, which I must admit, does make it feel more Christmas-y. In short, I love the smell.


This is why I enjoy using lightweight oil-based pomades. They are always super to easy to scoop out the jar and smooth into the hair. As you will see in the video, the job is pretty simple to spread everything through the hair. Getting a very even distribution with this product will be a no-brainer — good for those who you just can’t seem to figure out how to apply pomade.  


Time. It’s a light pomade, so I knew what to expect. Because of its similarity to Lockhart’s Lightweight…it took some time to style.

Slickness. This stuff is pretty slick. I mean, it’s a light pomade. It has nice and greasy. It keeps all the hairs together. It gives a lil shine. Ironfist is some slick stuff as we’d expect.

Strength. Of course, this stuff doesn’t provide an excess amount of hold as a light pomade; however, this is not to be confused with the amount of control it gives the user. Ironfist gave me adequate control, and you’ll see these in the photos. The nature of this products allots for a natural and traditional pompadour. Even if you were so foolish as you even want a psychobilly head cone, this product wont let you do it.

Three Wise Men Ironfist Lightweight Pomade pomp
Three Wise Men Ironfist Lightweight Pomade shine
Three Wise Men Ironfist Lightweight Pomade part


I dig this stuff, and it definitely gets my seal of approval. Not only for its styling capabilities for a pompadour but for the potential it has to be used for other styles in the future. The scent is truly next level and a shame it’s only here for the Christmas season.

ALSO. This happened twice now, so I’m sure its a consistent characteristic of this product. Every time after I shower, the product is completely removed by a simple combo of shampooing and conditioning. I shit you not. It is NOT a water-based product. But it’s light enough to allow you to keep the convenience of clean pillow cases. 

This is good shit, and I highly recommend it.

Look, this set contains: Lockhart’s Goon Grease, Grandad’s Old Fashioned Mediumweight, and Ironfist Lightweight. Literally, some of my most favorite homebrewed oil-based pomades on the market and all in one set. If you’ve been waiting to get some of this, then this is your chance. 

They happened to still have some in stock, so don’t expect the supply to last long. I thought I was too late to hop on some, but looks like we got lucky this time. So lucky that I even got a promo code for you guys.

So, head on over to the Etsy and cawpz some.

And check out the Ironfist Facebook page here.