Dax Super Neat Hair Creme How-To-Use

So…some dude asked me a while back about how I use Dax Super Neat. I’d like to build upon the short instructions I gave…and kinda review this thing.

Dax Super Neat is a pretty fucking cool product. This things got petrolatum to give you some nice shine, yet it’s got a few crazy chemicals in there to make it water-soluble. Petrolatum is STILL the main ingredient. On its own, this thing is useless to me like milk without Oreos. It’s too weak to get a pomp going and can just be a topper. Though, you can use it to style a clean combover or mix into your greasy buildup and helpful wash some grease out in the shower.

What this purple jar is good for is effing mixing it up with any other water-soluble pomade. Let’s face it….Suavecito Pomade, Tres Flores Molding Pomade, Cock Grease  XXX, Layrite (not their shine line)….those are all glorified gels. They let you style a tall pomp due to that strength-to-weight ratio but that shit ain’t slick. 

Look at that shit. Your hair makes natural oils, so oil-base pomades do a good job on maintaining a natural, slick look. Using water-based pomades solo…it just doesn’t look right. Notice how the hair isn’t given the chance to set in a natural position…I used Suavecito Firme Hold in the above photo. Look at how the hairs just wiggle around inconsistently and don’t form a ‘sleek sheet’.

Please just notice the difference in the next photo. The smoothness. The shine. The sexy model. Again…the shine…the nicely form band of shine. Look back at the other photo and notice how the roughness disperses light without form. (The picture below is also with Suavecito Firme Hold).

Dax Super Neat is cheap. About $4-5 a jar. So, if you’re a user of water-based pomades, go buy a jar and clean up your pomp. Your hair is hold just as strong as before and maintain its form throughout the day. 

As for actually using it, I’ve tried both mixing it with my water-based while in my hand and coating my hair after applying the water-based. I noticed the latter is better; however, just try it out for yourself. You’ll mix in enough so that its about 20%-30% Dax Super Neat. Other than that…just do your hair.