Grandad's Light Weight Hair Pomade Review

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People (including me) typically overlook light pomades due to the fact that they’re often to weak/soft for pompadours. Sadly…we tend to clump hair dressings, brilliantine, and light pomades all into one group when there are definite distinctions to be made between them. The way I tend to generalize each category is:

Brilliantine - Lots of shine, absolutely no hold. Oil to lotion consistency.

Hair Dressing/Hairdressing - Lots of shine, little to no hold. Lotion to petroleum jelly consistency.

Light Pomade - Good shine, light to medium hold. Pomade consistency because IT IS STILL POMADE.

It is a light pomade. Thus, it should STILL be a pomade but with relatively lighter hold than its heavier variations. It’s not all the consumers’ fault that we stray away from light pomades. It’s largely because many big time manufacturers brew up light variations that are completely useless in terms of pomping.

This is why I feel great obligation to showing you guys Grandad’s Light Weight Hair Pomade. Effin’ finally…someone does light pomades correctly and honestly, it is a perfect balance for my hair type.

Grandad's Light Weight Hair Pomade - Jar

So, this is the pomade. It’s presented in the same style as Bryce’s other products…only with a few changes which are the ‘Light Weight’ distinction, silver cap, and clear glass jar.

Also, as I stated in my video, I accidentally mixed up the scents between the light and heavy versions. This is actually the one with the pine scent. And now everything makes sense. It’s smells like pine needles roasting in a fire. That’s the best way to describe it. The aroma is light, which is really good for this ‘spice’ type of scent. I dig it.


I’ve yet to experience another line of pomades that are as enjoyable as Grandad’s in terms of its applications characteristics. Whether it be the heavy, medium, or light…they are all firm to get out of the jar, buttery in the hands, and smooth into the hair. Now that I’ve tried the entire line (not including special holiday/event editions) of Grandad’s, I clearly see the overarching mindset of Bryce. It’s like recognizing the stroke of a painter in all his works.

His Brewing + My Hair = Everlasting Fame & Glory


Time. Like using any other Grandad’s…it was quick. As quick as using the heavy, but for a different reason. With the heavy, it was quick because once I moved my hair to a position, it stayed. But with the light, it was quick because the product was slick and get all my hairs tucked and neat.

Slickness. MMM! It has not ever been as slick as this. You’ll notice in the video before I started applying pomade, it looked as though I already had grease in my hair. This was buildup from yesterday. If you recall from the heavy weight video, my hair appeared a lot drier despite have two days of buildup. This is because the Light Weight has a lot more petroleum relative to the heavy. It is NOT an overly greasy pomade but it does the petrol has a stronger presence here. It makes me happy because that means my hair stays slick, everything’s clean, and I get some shine.

Strength. I’m sorry if you guys cannot empathize with me on this, but I have very fine hair. When using pomade, I’ve come to understand that, regarding the strength each product provides, there is a limit reached where an excess strength provided beyond that limit is useless to my hair. In other words, 75% of products out there provide me with more hold than I actually need — it is due to my hair type and hand skills, to be honest. The more experience you have, the less product strength you need. One day, I’ll be able to style a pompadour with some Modelo — dressed, of course.

Grandad's Light Weight Hair Pomade - pomp
Grandad's Light Weight Hair Pomade - pomp top
Grandad's Light Weight Hair Pomade - pomp part
Grandad's Light Weight Hair Pomade - pomp slickness


Look at that sharp ass part. Fucking cut yo soul.

What do I think about Grandad’s Light Weight Hair Pomade? I love it. I like the other products in Bryce’s line, but I’m pissed that I chose to try the Light Weight last. It is best oil-based pomade to match my hair type. 

Honestly, I shit you guys not and I’m sorry if it makes you jealous. But anyone out there with medium to fine straight hair, I HIGHLY recommend that you try out this pomade. Throw all your assumptions you have about light pomades, and use a finely-crafted pomade — that gives you just enough hold so that you can fill in the rest with your handiwork.

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