Boulevard Nights Pomade Review

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I never expected to give this pomade a try. I’ve caught a glance of it occassionally as I perused the interweb, but never intended to review it. However, I recently (and unexpectedly) got in touch with the co-owner and decide…what the hell…let’s give it a try. And damn…I’m so glad I did.

This is Boulevard Nights Pomade. A water-based pomade whose price even challenge that of Suavecito…this is likely one of THE greatest bang-for-your-buck pomade out there for us water-based users. 

Boulevard Nights Pomade jar

It comes in this plastic white, 4 oz. jar. Pretty standard and accompanied by some clean designwork. Opening it up, you’ll find a blue-grey colored pomade that looks very familiar. I’ve literally gotten to the point where, if I’m using a water-based pomade for the first time, I open it with great hopes that it looks like this. Jelly like and transparent…as one of our favorite dudes (LOLOLOL) would describe it, it’s a ringing gel. And that makes me happy because I, to some extent, am already familiar with what I’m about to use.


This scent is amazing — by far, one of my favorites. It’s hard to describe and you guys are gunna be all like wtf, but honestly…it’ll make you smell like a clean vato. The scent is a cologne that is clean with a small hint of musk. 

Boulevard Nights Pomade texture



It feels like Steadfast. The pomade may not be as soft as Admiral, but it has a nice smooth feel — kinda like if peanut butter were a gel. LOLOL I come up with the dumbest similes sometimes…but they’ll make sense if you can imagine it. All in all, it’s really nice.


As you’ll see in the video, application is very easy. No hassle at all, whether it be applying the pomade or making the first few combs through.


You can see a few strands in the photos below, but that’s more due to my own laziness than the product. The slickness is best representing in the way my sides are slicked down all nice and tight. We also see nice separation of hairs in the pomp. Thumbs up.


Like all water-based pomades, it essentially non-existent. Sadly, but as far as we’ve seen, it unavoidable.


Very good. I’d put it at a match with Bona Fide Superior Hold. Like that, it is a nice midway between a heavy and medium hold water-based pomade. This balance allows an effective give and take between the amount of pomade used and the naturalness of the pomp.

Boulevard Nights Pomade pomp
Boulevard Nights Pomade shine
Boulevard Nights Pomade part


It did a great hard holding my pomp up all day. It has the same resilience as Suavecito Firme, which means that it’ll stay against typical windy, sunny, and humid conditions.


It hardens. No surprise. You’ll get a nice locking-in feature to this pomade without it getting too crusty.


Definitely possible, but you’ll still need a source of water to wet comb it all back in place. 

Boulevard Nights Pomade final hold
Boulevard Nights Pomade final pomp
Boulevard Nights Pomade final part


Boulevard Nights Pomade receives my seal of approval. I love it. It is one of my new daily pomades. Its simplicity, amazing scent, and overall reliability makes it a great addition to my shelf. I’d HIGHLY recommend looking into it yourself if you’re looking for a reliable water-based pomade.

For more information, check them out here.