Cool Grease Red Pomade Review

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We’re on number two of this series of reviews on the Cool Grease line by Fine Comestics, courtesy of HedgeLion. Today, we’ll be talking about Cool Grease Red. According to the product chart they provided, Cool Grease Red is a slight notch above their Blue in hold and shine. So, I was hoping for a lot out of this pomade. I was pleased with the Blue, and this Red promises to fulfill the improvements I wanted in the Blue.

And…I was mostly impressed. I still want even more hold, but it was good, nevertheless. 

Cool Grease Red Pomade jar

The design for this jar is similar to that of the Blue. We have Japanese interpretation of retro-American style on a 90g jar. Well…it’s actually 87g according to the print, but whatever…90g is close enough. Overall, it’s an intentionally tacky jar and is visually pleasing overall. As a full Cool Grease set, they look pretty good together on the shelf.


Officially, this thing is supposed to have a candy apple scent. I’m not getting that. Like I said in the video…I smelled something more along the lines of strawberry gummies…but in all honesty, it smells like the Blue jar. They both smell very similar. I don’t like the idea of smelling like candy…dat ain’t mah game. However, the scent is quick to go so don’t worry about it much.

Cool Grease Red Pomade texture


The pomade is very similar to Cool Grease Blue. Side note, if you have not read or watched the Cool Grease Blue review, go and watch it NOW. Like multivariable calculus, we’ll be building upon previously discussed topics…that means you gotta stay updated. Yeah. Cool Grease Red is slightly thicker than Blue.


It is just as easy to apply, but once you start combing it through. You’ll see the difference right away. The first stroke may be difficult, but after that, you’ll feel it loosen up and ease off. It actually becomes a pretty soft product to work with.


YEEEEEEPPPPP! Cool grease is one slick water-based pomade. This is probably the greatest characteristic of Cool Grease, along with its shine. Why can’t we get something like this with American water-based pomades? 


Good shine…above average and lasts the majority of the day. Your hair will still have some sheen by the end of the day. It doesn’t get matte.


The strength is a notch up from the Blue, but not as much as I wanted. I want even more. ME WANT MORE. It’s still workable, but I want a revolutionary great pomade…that’ll will need a lil more hold to balance out the bounce.

Cool Grease Red Pomade pomp
Cool Grease Red Pomade shine
Cool Grease Red Pomade part


This one did a better job than Blue with surviving the day. It wasn’t a black and white difference…but it was semi-noticeable.


It’s even a lil more feasable than with the Blue since that product lacks some necessary strength. They both stay malleable and the extra hold in Red makes life a lil easier.


Doesn’t dry up. It hardens BUT does NOT crust up. Good shit.


No problems. Washes out one hunnid.

Cool Grease Red Pomade final pomp
Cool Grease Red Pomade final shine
Cool Grease Red Pomade final part


Between the Blue and Red, I would choose the Red jar hands down. It’s only a slight difference, but enough to convince me to choose one over the other. It’s a great product, and I’d choose it over any of the current American water-based gel pomades. It’s only the unorthodox American water-based pomades that can compete. We can summarize these two pomades (Cool Grease Blue and Red) as stronger versions of Baxter of California Soft Water Pomade. Cool Grease Red may just become one of my daily pomades.

For more information, check out Cool Grease Red here.