Admiral Pomade Review

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Admiral Pomade. Like a few of the other products I reviewed recently, this water-based pomade is brand new — just joined the market this year. It’s based out of the fucking great state of California, SoCal to be specific. San Diego to be even more specific. Now, honestly…I allegiances lie way more with LA but I did have my far share of hour-long drives south to SD. Filipinos were some of my best friends and some of my most-hated nuckas…and National City was where to find them.

Anyways, I diverge.

Coming into this review, I didn’t really know what to expect. I haven’t heard much about Admiral Pomade (obviously because it’s new) and the descriptions I found on the internet were…generic. So, maybe it was good…because I came in with a fresh mind…and ended up pleased.

As you can see, the pomade comes in a nice glass jar. You may be like, “Yo James, something doesn’t look right…it’s looks a lil small.” Well…you right dude. This is actually the travel size jar which holds 2oz. of dat good goop for you wherever you go. It’s one thing to be holding a janky aluminum mini-jar, but this nice ass travel-size glass jar….it’s pretty sweet. Branding is printed onto the jar itself (very nice detail). 

admiral pomade jar

Open that shit and your face will be rushed with the heavenly aroma of coconut macaroons. The brewers described it as their custom coconut scent but I say this product smells exactly like coconut macaroons. My problem with a lot of brewers’ scents are that they have that candle-ness to them. What I mean is like…it’s got an after-taste that says, “I got this shit at Yankee Candle.” Well made pomades lack this after-taste such as TIS, Grandad’s, Dax, TDB, etc. Especially for making such a sweet scented pomade, my imaginary hat goes off to Admiral for the smooth aroma that lacks the candle after-taste

admiral pomade texture


In terms of application, Admiral Pomade is on the level of TDB (The Daimon Barber). They share very similar consistencies and malleability. Typically, my experiences with strong hold water-based pomades have told me that grippy-ness and stickiness are inherent application/texture characteristics. However, Admiral Pomade has definitely showed me wrong. 


Time. I styled up this shit fast. Whether it’s been that my bad hair streak is over or whatever, I had a really easy time styling it up. The strength was a little more than what I needed, and that fact made it super easy to pomp. Overall time to style was like…8 minutes or so — that’s pretty good.

Slickness. As you can see below, the shine was a nice addition and the goop held my hair together as a whole without any problems. The sides were held down a lot nicer than with TDB and Grant’s Medium Blend. 

Strength. This is probably one of the stronger characteristics going for this product. It’s got good, not absurd, strength. Especially for still maintaining ease of application and not finishing up all matte and shit, it’s was surprisingly pleasant to know I wasn’t sacrificing shine or texture for the POWER of hold.

admiral pomade pomp
admiral pomade pomp top
admiral pomade pomp part
admiral pomade pomp slickness


All in all, it was a good product. Better than I had expected. Admiral Pomade reminded me a lot of two other pomades I reviewed recently, Grant’s Medium Blend and Shiner Gold. However, I definitely think this product is better. 

Admiral Pomade had a texture that made application even more enjoyable than with Grant’s Medium Blend. The strength was slightly stronger than that of both Grant’s and Shiner Gold. It DID end up drying just slightly harder than that of Shiner Gold but definitely not as much as Grant’s Medium. 

To top it off, this product is a lot more affordable relative to the other products I’ve been showing you vatos. 

In the end, this is a product that I would be willing to use on the daily. 

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