Baxter of California Hard Water Pomade Review

Video review here:

Whether you came across it at a boutique store, online at a, or from a friend…I’m sure everyone has come across this product here. So, let me introduce you to Baxter of California Hard Water Pomade. 

It is one of the most well known but least tried pomade by the everyday person. It’s beautiful design and presentation never fails to caught our attention while the price scares us away until someone else can verify its performance. Therefore, allow me to be that someone — with the help of and their HUGE selection of pomades.

So, as you can clearly see, it comes in a lovely glass jar — effing gorgeous. This is a 2 oz. jar. You have your labeling and branding of the black plastic twist cap.

The pomade itself is a bright turquoise color — like that Tiffany blue.

This is the goop up close. You’ll notice it doesn’t shear like the normal water-based gel. Instead, it is reminiscent of JS Sloane’s texture. This similarity will also be present in the performance of the product. It’s scent was not what I expected. Given the nature of Baxter and the general aura I get from the company, I was expecting (and hoping) for a cologne-ish type of fragrance. Instead, it had a very lemon-orange citrus scent which was actually still very pleasant.


As you will notice in the video, I was able to toss my hair around to get product where I needed it. This means the product is very easy to apply. This is always a concern with water-based pomades but not a problem with this product specifically. 


Time. You will be working against time. Hard Water Pomade gives you good control, so you shouldn’t need much time to finish up. However, you are working against time. If you take too long, you’ll notice the product start to ball up noticeably, this can be remedied with wet-combing. 

Slickness. Notice the pictures. It gives you a slight shine. Or at least, it will not take shine away from your hair and make it matte. This product also did MUCH better than JS Sloane at keeping together all stray hairs and not fuzzing out.

Strength. Though advertised as a firm hold, it is more of a medium to us. In their targeted market, this product may be leaning towards more of a firm hold, but for us styling pompadours with grease and shit…this is more of a medium. But as I mentioned in many of my reviews before, I’m a fan of medium-to-light pomades. I admire products that will allow the natural characteristics of my hair to still remain core to the style.


I provided many pictures in this review because of how pleased I ended up with the hair. I honestly don’t think I need to say much when you can just look at the finished hair for yourself. It’s nice and natural looking. I was able to style a real nice classic pomp with Baxter of California Hard Water Pomade.

There you go. If you got the dough, I can verify for your that this product is worth trying out.

Show support to those who helped me make this review by checking Baxter out here. Keep it in your mind when you’re in the market again for pomade.