Billy Jealousy Clutch Play (Texturizing Gunk) Review

Billy Jealousy Clutch Play (Texturizing Gunk) Review

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We had a great experience with our last Billy Jealousy review, which was with their Pomade. Despite my assumptions going into the review, the product turned out to be an exceptional water-based pomade. Because of this, I decided to look further into their line and see what they have to offer.

My hair is still relatively short compared to how it usually is, so I feel that we should take advantage of this opportunity and look at alternative products such as texturing goops. This is one of them. 

Billy Jealous Texturizing Gunk


The entire line of Billy Jealousy is consistent in their design. Though its not exactly what I would choose, I have to admit it is clean and 'definite'. It's nice and especially for the few of their products where the design color scheme matches the product color. The jar is a small 2 ounces, but the flat and wide size makes it still satisfying to hold. Overall, it is good and akin to the hair salon market.


The smell is pleasing. It's citrus game strong but without the fruitiness of it all. Like, it smells really clean without a sweetness. I definitely prefer this over the kiddie fruit snack smell of some pomades.

Billy Jealous Texturizing Gunk texture


This stuff is pretty funny. It's straight up like some yogurt -- kinda like a cup of Chobani. The texture is pretty runny and you can almost swish it around in the jar. You'll be glad they sealed up the top before you open the jar and it's everywhere. I guess it makes this product unique, especially in comparison to other texture products based with clay. 


Despite being a texture product, it's not an unreasonable process to apply Clutch Play. The goop initially applies as how a yogurt would (I think), and you'll have a good few minutes before it starts to dry. Unfortunately, it does dry hard so get your styling in.


One necessary characteristic of texture products is the ability to provide volume or in other words, give your hair some height. A good texture product will give you maximum hold with the minimal amount weight. Kinda like how your hair stands up after waking up. 

This product did an alright job with it. Above average. If you recall the review we did with Baxter of Caifornia Cream and Hard Cream Pomades...those are similar products that could not provide as much volume. I can style a nice and tall pomp with this product and that should be noted.


Often, when we use these texture products, we wants the hair to seem as though it is in its natural state -- no products added. We want it to all seem free-form and unstressed.

However, unlike some other texture products, this pomade did not provide a natural feel to the hair. It was relatively grippy as it began to dry. This caused hairs to clump together and I honestly did not get the texture I had hoped for. 


Though we want the hair to be free-form and have its own flow, it's still important that the hair goes in the general direction and style that we want. Messy in a nice way, not messy in a messy way.

The control was effective when the product was initially applied to the hair, but as the pomade dried, we lost that control. Basically, it went in the right direction when we were styling but not during the day.

Billy Jealous Texturizing Gunk pomp
Billy Jealous Texturizing Gunk part
Billy Jealous Texturizing Gunk slickness
Billy Jealous Texturizing Gunk slickness


LOL. The pictures look like I just got back from going H.A.M. My hair is an effing mess and not even an aesthetic mess. I'm grateful that my sides stayed relatively down and didn't fluff up too much.


The product was not easy to reform and hand-comb throughout the day. It dried up like a gel, which made it painful to not only restyle, but almost impossible. When trying to hand-comb it, agitation caused the product to puff out and actually bead up into visible clumps. Very bad.


It all washes out easily though.

Billy Jealous Texturizing Gunk final pomp
Billy Jealous Texturizing Gunk final part
Billy Jealous Texturizing Gunk final slickness


All in all, it is an effective texture product that is borderline similar to other pomades we are more familiar with. However, as a straight texture product, I believe there are better options in the fiber pomades arena. We will continue to look at other texture pomades.

For more information on Billy Jealousy Clutch Play, check it out here.