Blind Barber 90 Proof Review

Blind Barber 90 Proof Review

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Blind Barber 90 Proof Hair Pomade. This product relatively new, yet it already has its fair share of accolades:

But…do any of you guys actually read any of these mags? No. Or at least, I would hope not. But if you do, then I respect our difference, and we definitely run in separate circles. The point I’m trying to make right off the bat is that Blind Barber 90 Proof isn’t in the same category as what is commonly seen in this blog. And so rightly, I will comparing it to its own standards. You’ll see why.

Blind Barber Pomade Jar

This is the jar. As you can clearly see, it’s effing beautiful. I shit you not. It’s one of the most beautifully designed jars I’ve ever come across — on the level with TDB and TIS. It comes in a nice transparent dark brown plastic jar with a matte black twist top. On the outside, its the same size as other jars; however, you’ll see that the jar has super thick sidewalls. That puts the actual product weight down to 50g. You’ll see what I’m talking about below.

Blind Barber Pomade texture

Normally, I would bish and be like…yo I need more. But let me tell you…you don’t need more. This shit packs quite a punch — metaphor. 

It looks like butter, scoops like butter, smears like butter, and effing turns into a matte glue in the hair. Trust me. Its transformation from creamy butter to a grippy ass hair product was so surprising that in between camera angle changes in the video…I was like, “Fuck. I used too much.” 

The product advertises ‘max control’ and ‘matte finish’ so we’ll judge it to what it claims. But after those two categories, I’ll judge it as an overall pomade.

Max Control

The 90 Proof pomade was strong. Unbelievably strong. But that doesn’t necessary mean it provides you with great control. In terms of hair styling, control boils down to two basics: the ability to move your hair to where you want it and then keep your hair where you want it. In other words, malleability and hold. As I stated before, the hold is amazing — it is truly something to behold. But it is a dry hold. What I mean is that if you start moving it around, it resists and starts lose it initial strength. For example, the strength starts out at 100 and decreases by 1 every time you mess with its position afterwards. 

The way around this is to make sure your hair is moist when you apply it. It’ll work much better and basically extend your period of malleability, so you’ll have more time to style.

Therefore, yes…you will get great control out of this product.

Matte Finish

There’s no need for a discussion on this subject. Yes, it has a matte finish. In fact, it has a matte starting. It is matte then, now, and forever shall be matte.


What you want and need out of your pomade is different from what I want and need out of my pomade. I like my hair to be slick as fuck. Maybe you’re more into a loose and dry pompadour. You are? Then this is what you’re looking for. 

If you were inspired to get a pompadour from the TV or some celebrity you saw in the movies, 9/10 you and I are not looking to style the same pompadour. You need a different product than what I’ve been reviewing on my blog. And honestly, Blind Barber 90 Proof has been the most powerful and matte pomade I’ve ever tried. Like for real, they put other modern pomades like American Crew’s line into the effing dirt. 

Even when I re-purposed this pomade and forced it to style my type of pompadour, it made a decent pompadour. Look. Also, before you guys ask why I didn’t try styling a metro-pompadour (aka faux pomp…fuck…I should wash out my mouth), I actually can’t. One, my hair is too long. Second, you won’t believe me but my hair is so fine that I can’t. No. I will not use a blow dryer.

Blind Barber Pomade pomp
Blind Barber Pomade pomp top
Blind Barber Pomade pomp part
Blind Barber Pomade slickness


For what this product promised, it not only provided but excelled in what it claimed. I could use it for my own purposes, but it’s not intended for my uses. As for it’s competency in its own categories…GAWT DAYUM! It stands at the top. 

You guys can more info on them here: