Bona Fide Pomade Fiber Hold Review

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We’ve already talked about this before here on this blog. I’m not a big fan of fiber pomades…but only because they’ve never been able to help me style my hair in the manner I like. They’re meant for a different type of hairstyle…a different rendition of the pompadour — lighter, loose, and bedhead-like in feel.

 But…Bona Fide Fiber did it, so let’s talk about this one.

Bona Fide Pomade Fiber Hold jar

The jar is no different than the original minus a color change.


The scent is the same as the Superior Hold version (original), but a little stronger. However, the fact that the difference is so little makes me thick this jar was a fluke and the scent is exactly the same. In short, it has the same scent as the original…a nice citrus, fresh aroma.

Bona Fide Pomade Fiber Hold texture


It feels like honey. It feels like you’re scooping out stale honey. This puts it in the same ballpark as JS Sloane. So, as you agitate it and pull it apart, the pomade strings out like melting cheesy kinda. And if you really agitate it lightly and quickly like small claps…you can see the fibers themselves.


This honey texture made it actually pretty difficult to style with. As in, yeah…it is still not as bad as some other pomades like Blind Barber 90 Proof…but still, it’s more difficult than it needs to be. And especially for a ‘fiber pomade’ that is supposed to allow a hand-through-hair feel.


Fiber pomades are usually not intended to be slick hair products at all. Though this category doesn’t apply, I still think its important to rate this characteristic because we still care about it. It’s not slick. BUT…you can simulate and get a lil if you apply while wet. 


Matte. It’s got mica crystals. These won’t make your hair shiny, but it will allow the pomade to not dull out your hair.


I would put this pomade at a medium-light hold, but honestly, it is a very different type of hold than what we’re accustomed to. I need some more time with this product to describe it wholly. 

Bona Fide Pomade Fiber Hold pomp
Bona Fide Pomade Fiber Hold shine
Bona Fide Pomade Fiber Hold part


Today was a freak (lucky) accident or whatever you wanna label it. Yesterday, my hair was a disaster when I got home, but today, it was totally alright. Obviously, sagging but not as bad as I’ve experienced with other products. I was pleasantly surprised.


Hardens a notch less than your average water-based pomade. It’s quicker to ‘soften’ up in heat and humidity — just something to take into account.


I would literally label this product un-restyle-able. Even a source of water would make it barely manageable.

Bona Fide Pomade Fiber Hold final hold
Bona Fide Pomade Fiber Hold final shine
Bona Fide Pomade Fiber Hold final part


Let’s be perfectly honest here. By having my hair extra damp when styling with this product, I was able to make it mock the characteristics of a standard water-based pomade. This is corrupting Bona Fide Fiber from its intended form. Ideally, one would either use it in combination with a blow dryer (I ain’t gunna do that) or use it to style a looser pomp. The latter, I actually cannot do well at all with my hair type.

If I were determined to really style my hair with a fiber pomade, I would be trying to style a clean pompadour. I’d cut my sides slightly shorter and bring up my taper…actually, make it a fade. Then just hand-comb everything back into a slick back.

Either way, Bona Fide Fiber was a good fiber pomade. Hence why I even gave it a review on this blog. 

For more information on this product, check it out here.