Grant's Golden Brand Pomade Medium Blend Review

Video review available here:

The saying that comes to mine with Grant’s Medium Blend is this, “The Mark of True Luxury is not The Grand Gesture, but the simple things done well.” This motto comes from Norse Projects, my favorite clothing line…but it applies very much to this pomade. You’ll why after this review.

At first sight, it is a beautifully packaged pomade. It comes in the same can as its original counterpart; however, the label/branding diverges from the monochrome and into a pleasing mixture of complimentary colors.

grant's golden brand medium blend jar

Upon opening, what Grant refers to as ‘Royal Hawaiian Scent’ rushes you. I know some people definitely do not prefer a sweet scent in their hair products, but if you do, then is some good shit. I’d like to describe it as a piña colada with a lil stronger pineapple scent to overshadow the coconut. 

Scooping out the stuff was truly a wondrous experience. You are probably thinking…wtf is wrong with James. But nawh dude…it’s like the some pleasing texture. You’ll have to watch the video to see what I’m talking about.

grant's golden brand medium blend inside

Hopefully you guys have all tried the commonly available WB products on the market such as Suavecito, Layrite, and Tres Flores Molding Pomade. I will be comparing this pomade with them.


Applying this pomade was both similar and unique from the standard WB. Like a typical WB product, it smear around similarly and definitely less resistant to shear forces in comparison to its original formula counterpart. However, once in the hair, it felt a lot grippier and stickier. Basically, texture gooey-er than any other water-based you’ve ever used but with the grip and strength midway between Grant’s OG and Suavecito OG. As you can see in the above picture, I had to use siginificantly more pomade this time versus with the original blend.


Time. So, the amount of time it took me to style on-and-off camera was just a bit less how long it took with Grant’s Original. It didn’t have the same bounce as the Original so it was easier to style…but it was as strong as Slick Devil, so it took some work to shape up the pomp. 

Slickness. This is where the medium blend surpass the original. As advertised, this baby has a little bit of shine. It’s not the shine you’d get from an effin’ oil-based like Murray’s Super Light but nonetheless, it is good shine relative to the WB world. It’s been a few hours after styling now and the stuff’s dried…I still see some shine, so yup…it’s verified. You get some shine out of it. The reason why I really want/push this characteristic for water-based is because if it ain’t got shine, then it’ll somewhat gray out my hair. Not so much gray, but definitely make it look dull. I don’t believe people with light colored hair worry too much about matte products, but as a person with black hair…I fucking prefer too keep it a luscious black with a nice healthy sheen. 

Strength. The hold wasn’t exactly weaker than the OG but it was definitely different. Weaker than Slick Devil and weaker than Suavecito Firme, it was never intended to have a strong hold. However, it was strong than Suavecito OG. The strength was good enough for a very nice pomp though…so if I can form a nice one, then why do I need any more? The mixture of this strength and the slickness did allow me to slick my sides down slightly tighter than with the original. 

grant's golden brand medium blend pomp - front
grant's golden brand medium blend pomp - front 2
grant's golden brand medium blend pomp - part


I’m satisfied with what the medium blend. If I had to choose, I would prefer the original over this medium blend. But I know, a lot of people definitely do not prefer the bounce and liveliness that Grant’s Original offers. 

I think if you’re a fan the current WB options on the market like Suavecito and Layrite…then Grant’s Medium-Blend is like an upgrade. As I stated in the beginning, this pomade is not innovative and nor does it break any boundaries/expectations. Its strong points lie in the simple things…it takes the simple things and gets it right 100%. 

It still receives my seal of approval. I can still style a great pompadour with it…however, I will remain loyal to the original.