Grant's Golden Brand Pomade Review

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So, first off, this is the second WB review of this weekend with one more to go this weekend. This is Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade…the Original. Grant’s is definitely not a new name to the world of homebrewing. They’ve been around for a few years and continuously gaining attention from all around the world. Needless to say, I heard the name many times prior to this review.

When I received the jar, it came in a nice brushed aluminum twist top can. At 4.5oz., it’s barely larger than your typical jar of water-based pomade AND I do appreciate the shape. The wide top is always better than the small top that comes with plastic and glass jars.

Hands down. Whether it be their jar, the website, or whatever…Grant’s by far has the best design team/person out of any other pomade. When it comes to look and presentation, I’ve yet to see it done better elsewhere.

(Man…I love my new lens.)

grant's golden brand pomade jar

Moving on, scooping out the pomade was once again…unexpected. At this point, I must honestly say I’m confused. I think I’ve made a huge mistake assuming that all WB products would resemble Suavecito and Tres Flores. Clearly, I’ve been wrong (AND FUH YEAH I’M GLAD TO BE WRONG). Upon scooping the goodies out of the can, Slick Devil and Grant’s have shared the same characteristics. It’s a firm goop that sits in the can. It ain’t jell-o. But from here on…Grant’s separates into a whole ‘nutha category.

grant's golden brand pomade color

Prior to this review…I experience about two categories/types/characteristics of water-based pomades. So, on one hand, we have what I refer to as the ‘thick-version-of-gel’. That’ll be something like Tres Flores Molding Pomade where it’s as though someone put some gel in a can and fucking dehydrated it a little. Then we have the ‘wax-less heavy hold pomade’ which is Slick Devil and Suavecito Firme Hold. I understand some of these WB actually do have wax in them but you know what I mean…they’re not wax-based. These products give you the strength without the weight. But Grant’s…this shit is different.

Let me try to describe this. Do you guys remember when you used gel? A long time ago…back in middle school. You comb and then it plops back down (until you let it dry a little). With the heavy hold WB, you comb and it stays where you left it. With Grant’s, you comb it and then it bounces slightly — like a tittie. Just kidding, but really…it has bounce to it. Like…Grant’s has some ‘life’ in it. 

What I’m saying is that it doesn’t life your hair. It assists your hair. It doesn’t shape your hair. It aids your hair. Grant’s is not easy to work with…honestly. It takes skill and patience…it gives you the lowest amount of strength you need to style…because by doing so, your hair’s natural characteristics will still shine through. I respect that. 


Application was no different than any other WB. As I described in my video, the texture is best described as ‘grippy’. Also…(this is VERY good) you won’t need to put much in. As many of you probably know or will know, you will use up your WB pomades at a much faster rate than your standard oil-based pomades. With Grant’s, you’ll use about three finger licks worth every time…that sums up to about 1.5 - 2 water bottle caps fulls.


Time. So, I did take me significantly longer to style than normally…but of course, this is not without reason. In the same way that it took me longer to style with Grandad’s in comparison to other oil-based, Grant’s required a little patience and concentration. The lively characteristic of Grant’s is one that takes time and skill to control. You will end up with a pompadour better than with any other product BUT at a cost. I enjoy looking at myself in the mirror, so I don’t mind the time sacrifice.

Slickness. I’m happy to Grant’s OG has a little bit of shine to it. Naturally, it’ll lose some shine throughout the day with the passing of time. However, it is better than nothing. The bouncy nature of Grant’s allows for a pretty slick ass pomp…but on that same note, it doesn’t let you hold the sides as tight as I’d like. 

Strength. This is something Grant’s OG did not prioritize. If you’re good with your comb, then you don’t need anymore strength than what it offers. It’s like a buffet…just because it’s all you can eat, doesn’t mean you should eat all that you possibly can. Just because you can make a pomade super strong, doesn’t mean you should or that it even needs to be. Honestly, if you want a head wedge or need glue-like stuff, you’ll need something else. But if you want a natural-looking pomp and have the skills to prove it, Grant’s OG will give you the potential to do it.

grant's golden brand pomade pomp - front
grant's golden brand pomade pomp - side
grant's golden brand pomade pomp - part


I’m pleased with what Grant’s OG brings to the table. It offers a unique characteristic that I’ve only found in traditional Japanese oil-based pomades like Tancho and Yanagiya — never found in another WB before. I warn you guys though as I said before, it is not for the unskilled. For example, if Slick Devil is on the easiness-level of Microsoft Paint…then Grant’s OG would be some fucking CAD software like Solidworks & ProE. Styling without product would be some Ansys-level shit. (Sorry if you don’t understand…MechE Design stuff.) What I’m trying to say is that Grant’s OG gives you everything you need to create a beautiful pompadour…however, in return, you need to provide the skill.

I do wish for a little more strength, but if it comes at the sacrifice of bounciness…then I’ll take the bounciness. After coming home from church, the pomade did unavoidably dry. Not to the extent that I’ve experienced with Suavecito or Tres Flores…but nonetheless, it did dry. I understand and accept this fact for WB. But I know SOME OF MY READERS love asking for the impossible, so I wanna let them know that yes…it does dry eventually. Not rock hard. But yeah…still dry.

I give you guys the honest truth, all of Grant’s products run for a nice sum of money.— including the OG. But look at it like this, I literally used less Grant’s by mass than any other pomade (including oil-based). I suspect it to last me around one and a half months or so. Yo…that’s pretty fucking unheard of for WB pomades. Take a look at what you product consumption is and Grant’s may add up to a better value. This is how cheap companies trick you (whether it be clothes, pomade, or whatever)…you buy a shit load…they break, tear, and you throw it away. Repeat enough…you probably should just bought the higher-end shit and have it last. 

Take a look of Grant’s website and read a lil up on the OG. If not to buy some, at least come check out the fucking job done well in terms of web design and product design. It’s the best one (by a fucking long shot) in comparison to other pomade brands’ sites.