Imperial Gel Pomade Review

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As you guys should hopefully remember, I reviewed Imperial Barber Classic Pomade a while back and I was impressed with it. Their customer service is one thing but their product was very good. So, in the process of finding a legit UK-based pomade retailer for you guys, I decided to review another product some of you guys asked about.

Let me introduce you to Imperial Gel Pomade, courtesy of Rebel Gent. Unlike many other pomade blogs online, I’m no die-hard rockabilly greaser, so I do my best to show you guys a variety of products. This specific one right here…according to the description, we’re expecting a hybrid of pomade characteristics mixed with the ease of gel. 

Like many of you, I dislike gel…but I do trust Imperial enough to take a look into their line. This product claims stronger hold than their pomade, no flaking, and the ease of use like gels.

Imperial Gel Pomade jar

This is the goop. It’s packaged very nicely and comes in a huge 12 ounce jar. And trust me, you won’t be using much of it so this thing will last you a long long time. Definitely, a great bang for your buck. The jar is a nice and solid clear plastic with an aluminum top. 

Opening it up, you’ll notice right away that it has the traditional Imperial scent to it. As I would describe it, the products smells like a sweet, fresh aloe vera thing…it’s hard to put my finger on the scent but I dig it. Smooth and clean. 


I had not used gel in years. I had completely forgotten how easy it is to apply. I’m sure everyone here has used a gel of some sort before, so just imagine applying something with the consistency of jam in your hair. Very easy. But as a side note! Be sure to apply it to damp hair. Unlike other cheap gels, this product actually dries relatively quickly COMPARED to other gels. Using it with slightly damp hair will make the end result not only easier but better.


Time. I fully thought it was gunna take time to style with this product. Because you know? It’s a gel. I thought it would have too little hold to style with right away. I was wrong. The ‘pomade’ aspect of this product gives you hold to work with, and given the drying quickness, it gives you more hold as you style which helped pretty damn well.

Slickness. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better than I expected. Obviously, you should refrain from touching your hair once everything starts setting in. But it wasn’t too bad. It allowed my sides to puff out a lil bit — similar to what happens when I used many oil-based products. It was strong, but the type of hold it provides isn’t overkill like other heavy water-based products. I think…the best way to describe it is that it has a lot of hold, but it does have a maximum limit that prevents you from ‘over-styling’.

Strength. Like I said before, it strong. Also, surprisingly….you get good control out of it. Like…as much as you get with Tres Flores Molding Pomade.

Imperial Gel Pomade pomp
Imperial Gel Pomade slickness


I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m not saying this thing isn’t a gel because it completely is. You’ll get the crunch and shit like that. But honestly, it’s better than many water-based products out there.

Like…if this is gunna give me the crunchies and another water-based pomade is gunna give me the crunchies….why should I pay more for there stuff and go through the hassle of applying their thick ass goop?

I’d highly recommend giving this product a try and kinda…re-standardizing your own personal comparison scale for water-based pomades.

For more information, check it out here on Rebel Gent.