Layrite Deluxe Super Hold Pomade Review

Video review here:

After doing the reviews for Layrite Deluxe and their Super Shine, I received a considerable influx of messages asking about Super Hold. Obviously…if I had tried out Super Hold, it would be on the list of pomades you can read my reviews about. But I hadn’t and so, now I am.

This is Layrite Super Hold. The heaviest in their line of water-based pomades. I was pleased with both of their other products, so I decided to organize this review for you guys.

As you can see, it comes in the standard Layrite packaging style. Only this time, it has a coffee brown background to designate this variation.

Opening it up. You’ll recognize the good ‘ol Layrite sunset orange color to their pomade. It has the same scent as the original pomade and similar appearance, you’ll only notice that it’s slightly thicker than the other.

Typically, heavy water-based pomades are unattractive to me because of their application. Despite being a water-based, the heavy ones are typically thick, sticky, and pasty which really gets bothersome when applying to my hair. This is the issue with Suavecito Firme and Slick Devil pomades. But with Layrite (as you’ll see in the video), this was not the case.


It was smooth and good. They way I can best describe it is…there exist two basic types of water-based pomade in this world and they are synonymous with the two basic types of fruit snacks/gummies. One is chewy and gummy like Welch’s fruit snacks while the other is like Mott’s fruit snacks. One pomade sheds like brittle jello while the other scoops like old honey. And like the analogy, one is much easier to apply to the hair than the other.

Layrite is like the former. It scoops out like jello and is easy in.


Time. This is the benefit of heavy water-based products. Their lightweight and strong. This allows me to style in almost no-time at all. When I’m in a rush, you can be sure I’m grabbing this jar.

Slickness. For a water-based, this Layrite Super Hold is good. Unlike many other water-based products, it doesn’t get all dry and useless soon after you start styling. The stuff stays pretty moist and good to work while you need it.

Strength. The Super Hold is a definite step above the original. If you finding that you need more of dat POWER, then the Super Hold is a damn good choice to start thinking about.


This is some good stuff. It’s the same as with their other products, I regret not coming across their stuff long ago. I used other water-based products when I first started pomping and could’ve same a lot of stress (and money) if I had just used Layrite from the beginning.

Layrite Super Hold gets my seal of approval. Simple as that.