Shiner Gold Pomade Heavy Hold Review

If you can’t read, the video is available here:

I completely understand that I have heard different opinions on this product and that other people have had different results. But…forreal…I am sitting here writing this review. It’s been hours since I’ve styled my hair and Shiner Gold has not turned my hair into a helmet. Not even close.

I’m touching and pushing my pomp right now. It’s obviously not wet anymore so the WB pomade has dried up. But…it’s not rock hard like all the other pomades are…it’s firm. Yes. Like how a wax product stiffens up after some time. I’m fucking impressed. But let’s continue onto the full review and get to the pros and cons of this product.

Alright. This is Shiner Gold pomade. It’s a WB homebrew out of Phoenix…I first came across the name mid-last year while perusing the interweb.

shiner gold pomade heavy hold jar

As shown here, it comes in the standard aluminum twist-top 4oz. jar. Now, I said this shit in my video but I’m gunna say it again. I know some of you are making the connection in your head that shit…this looks like Grant’s, and they both have “Gold” in their name. Well guys…that’s a cute connection you’ve made but they’re fucking nothing alike. The formulas vary greatly and the results…were really different.

shiner gold pomade heavy hold inside

The smell is nice. I actually think I like this smell more than Grant’s Medium Blend. Their smells are very similar BUT Shiner Gold does have a slightly stronger coconut side to it. Trust…it’s real nice.


Applying Shiner Gold was unlike Slick Devil and no different than your standard WB…in other words, it was a pleasurable experience. Nice and smooth in….and it was able to stay that way until the end, despite the delays that come with filming at the same time. 


Time. I had to take a good amount of time off camera to style my hair, but not as much as I need with Grant’s Medium Blend. The hold was not as strong as Slick Devil for example…so it took a lil more skill and crafting to shape the pomp to a significant height, size, and natural shape. Still, it was relatively quick and all in all…about five minutes or so.

 Slickness. Shiner Gold did well in this category. I was able to hold my sides nice and tight…also, the amount a shine (relative to other WB) was a nice unexpected touch. It was only unexpected because I didn’t come across any mention of its shine when researching the product. Stray hairs were kept to a minimum and the entire composition was held together.

Strength. This is where I felt Shiner Gold was lacking. Yes, I do still believe its self-categorization as a  heavy holdis correct relative to the current pomade market. But, in terms of what i expect out of a heavy hold product, it did not qualify. It is likely strong enough for you hair and you can always add more pomade to make it happen…however, I am a strong proponent of strength coming from the formula…not the sheer volume of product used. True be told though…strength is not the sole nor the most important characteristic of a pomade from my experience. 

shiner gold pomade heavy hold pomp - front
shiner gold pomade heavy hold pomp - front 2
shiner gold pomade heavy hold pomp - top
shiner gold pomade heavy hold pomp - part


It’s a shame that Shiner Gold’s strongest characteristics didn’t show themselves until after the filming and everything, so lemme share them here. There is no such this as a pomade that will never dry. Straight up. But all in all, Shiner Gold has out performed all other WB pomades I have ever tried — especially with still having the wet-feel during application and styling.

Cons. This product can’t give you the same strength you can find in other WB like Slick Devil or Suavecito Firme. But…do you really need excessive strength? That’s up to you to decide…shit…it’s your hair.

Pros. This is a fucking big deal. Like I said in the beginning of this review, it dried…but unlike turning my head into an effing helmet like many other WB’s do. It only stiffened up…not too different from a waxy type pomade. I was surprised…because typically when a WB brewer makes that claim…its BS. Honestly. But damn…I know other people had different experiences but my word to you if that they probably used too much of the stuff when styling.

All in all, it was a good product…but what makes it an attractive product is its price. Typically…all these nice ass homebrew WB pomades I’ve showed you cost in the $20+….that’s a lot no lie. But this baby right here is only $13 if you go directly to the source. 

At the end of the day, I would want a lil more strength/hold in this stuff…but the fact that it doesn’t dry rock hard…I say don’t fuck with the formula. It’s good as it is.