Shiner Gold Pomade Psycho Hold Review

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Supposedly, you guys have been waiting on this pomade to come out for some time now. I had no idea up until the day I received it that it was coming out and so, as always, I bring you guys the latest.

As with the video review, I’m going to try to slightly change up the format of the review to make it both more efficient and informative.

Allow me to present to you, Shiner Gold Psycho Hold. I’m having a real hard time finding any sort of information on this new pomade anywhere, and of course, this looks to be the first review of it. We’re expecting a pomade that is stronger than the original Shiner Gold, but still has the same characteristics we know from the brand. 

Shiner Gold Pomade Psycho Hold jar

As shown in the photo above, it comes in a new purple label. Same exact branding and design with one exception, the ‘Heavy Hold’ is replaced with ‘Psycho Hold’. The goop inside is the traditional Shiner Gold gold tone which is a lot truer than that of other ‘gold’ pomades.


The fragrance of this pomade is no different than the original Shiner Gold. As you guys know, I don’t like sweet smelling pomades, but I have to admit. I do like this one. The piña colada scent is an exception for me and especially Shiner Gold’s interpretation specifically because of the extra hint of pineapple.

Shiner Gold Pomade Psycho Hold texture


It is a touch stiffer than the original Shiner Gold. Obviously, this is something we typically expect from a pomade of greater hold. It’s definitely not to the point of being detrimental, and honestly, you probably wouldn’t even notice.


It ain’t too hard to apply, but this pomade is a lot ‘drier’ than I expected. What I mean by ‘drier’ is…you guys notice how some pomades are wet like Admiral?…while others can be super dry like Blind Barber 90 Proof? Shiner Gold Psycho Hold applies like Suavecito Firme. It’s not impossible, but it is slightly uncomfortable if you have fine hair like myself. 


This is the primary weakness of Shiner Gold Psycho Hold. It doesn’t do well to grab all your hair, slick it into a nice pomp, and keep it all together. This is how the ‘dryness’ comes into play during the styling of the pompadour and performance of the pomade.


As with most other water-based pomades, it’s non-existent.


When I first heard the name of the product ‘Psycho Hold’…I was expecting something effing crazy as fuhhh. But nah. It’s heavy, but without a doubt, a notch down from Admiral, Suavecito Firme, and Layrite Super Hold. Even with the hold, there is so much more to the product that allows one to style their pompadour. You can throw up a pompadour temporarily, but it’ll be the hold in collaboration with the slickness that help form the pomp permanently.

Shiner Gold Pomade Psycho Hold pomp
Shiner Gold Pomade Psycho Hold shine
Shiner Gold Pomade Psycho Hold slickness
Shiner Gold Pomade Psycho Hold part


Look at the photos below. This characteristic of pomade is one of the most important ones we all consider in every pomade. The worst possible situation as a ‘pomper’ is to think you still look good halfway through the day…when you really look like a loser with a sagging pomp.


It moderately dries. Imperial Gel Pomade would be the extreme extent of all-that-is-crustiness while Anchors Teddy Boy Original is the opposite. Shiner Gold Psycho Hold’s hardening characteristics are moderate and no different from Suavecito.


Most water-based pomades do not fare well to restyling. This pomade definitely puffed up when you brought a comb through it once dried. With a source of water, this can all be solved to some extent. 


Overall, Shiner Gold Psycho Hold pomade is an interesting product that is a slight step above the original variation. It’s lackings can be easily remedied by mixing in an additional water-soluble, petroleum product like Dax Super Neat. Either way, it is a strong and good-smelling pomade that is useful, but it lacks slickness and endurance.

I’d highly recommend trying the product out for yourself because that’ll be the only way all of us are able to create a good knowledge base on this pomade.

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