Slick Devil Pomade Review

Video review here:

Alright, first impressions of Slick Devil…when I first contacted them, I was doing so because I happened to cross their pomade while searching online. I liked the clean packaging and thought I’d give it a try and include it in my water-based review series. There a new coming that just started this year. Definitely young.

Upon receiving the jar, it was just as shown online, a sleek black 4 oz. jar with simple branding on the front and top. Appearance and presentation is always a good initial judgement…if the brewer truly loves his/her creation, then they should also take pride in its presentation.

slick devil pomade jar

When I first looked inside, I was like hmmmm…this looks different. It looks a lot thicker than all the other WB products I’ve tried (AND I WAS FUCKING RIGHT). Scooping it out reminds me of like something like lard….I’ve actually never done that before but fuck, it’s not like anything currently on the market.

slick devil pomade inside


Applying it was as easy as any other water-based product. For me, all water-based products are easy-in relatively to waxy pomades…combing then through initially may be a lil more difficult though. Either way, Slick Devil WB pomade was easy on both accounts. You will DEFINITELY feel and sense the strength and weight…but it shows itself better during styling than application.


Styling with this product was truly an enjoyment. I typically judge pomades on three categories. First is time — how quickly could I form a proper pomp with it. Next is ‘slickness’ — how well can I slick down my sides with it and overall hair slick-appearance. Last is, of course, its strength — how tall and well-shaped can I form my pomp with it. 

Definitely filming while styling slowed me down…but forreal, I can style pretty damn quickly with this stuff. From this I can derive two characteristics of Slick Devil. Unlike other water-based products, its strength and hold is present IMMEDIATELY and you do NOT have to wait for it to dry slightly. That…is…very impressive. The second is one of balance, it is strong immediately for me to get height while still malleable enough for to me work with overall. Without filming, from when the comb first enters ‘til it returns to the counter finished…I’d say that I could finish in five minutes at best. 

Slickness was probably the most lacking characteristic in this pomade relative to its other accomplishments. It is most definitely has a matte-finish. I’d prefer a little shine; however, shine is just a varying requirement between people. I prefer a little shine. Some people prefer matte. A few people want effing chrome-finish. But forreal…my personal issue with matte-finish is that it gives to much of a modern-day metro vibe. Either way, the product held down my sides tight so the shape/form of my hair was definitely slick. It just lacked shine.

And then there was strength…this shit was pretty strong. When they first describe Slick Devil to me, they said some barbers have been claiming that it was the strongest water-based pomade they’ve ever tried. I’ll reserve making the claim myself until I’ve expanded my WB experience…BUT that’s not to say…it wasn’t pretty fucking strong. I held back on reaching heights with my hair. So, my time…I’m tempted to really test out how high I can get my pomp. The strength was good. Very good…while remaining in limits. It was very strong, but only as strong as you really need it.

slick devil pomade pomp front
slick devil pomade pomp part
slick devil pomade pomp side


You guys know I don’t speak bullshit. My breath smells too good. If something sucked, I’d fucking tell you. So, let me tell you the truth of this product. Slick Devil pomade is good shit.

I came back home ~6 hours later and am happy to say I’m please. It did very slightly harden BUT ABSOLUTELY NOT to the extent I’ve experienced with Tres Flores WB or Suavecito. Slick Devil starts off pretty dry so it doesn’t contain as much water to evaporate.

Slick Devil has definitely won my recommendation.

Their 4 oz. jar runs at $18 shipped off their website, so in comparison to other water-based products, it’s not a bad price. I need to remind you guys…it’s better to get one jar of goodness than 2-3 jars of shit. Take a look at your cabinet, all those cans you’ve wasted and unused…they could’ve paid for a nice jar of quality pomade that you can actually use.

If you trust me, go grab a jar to try for yourself. If not, at least go take a look at what they got.

I’ve always refused to call products like this water-based POMADES. I refer to them as products and as a worst insult, I call them gels. Slick Devil has won me over — I consider it a ‘pomade’.