Steadfast Pomade Review

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Similar to some of the other pomades I’ve reviewed lately, this one too has been long postponed…but I’m very glad to finally get the chance to try it out. I have to admit. It was a lot better than I had expected, and it’s surely to become a daily option for me.

Allow me to present to you, Steadfast Pomade. If I’m remembering well enough, this baby came out around the same time as Bona Fide. Sadly, it fell into the background at that time and I wasn’t able to review it until now.

Steadfast Pomade jar

The pomade comes in your standard 4 oz. plastic jar with labeling on the top and face of the jar. Honestly, I wish the label was done better. For a product as fine as this, it deserves some TDB or TIS level design work and labeling. Nevertheless, it conveys the aura of the pomade adequately and really goes hand-in-hand with the scent of the pomade.


The scent is fucking amazing. It literally is. Everyone raves about it…and at least, they’re raving for something worthwhile. This scent is a super legit, fresh cologne smell…it’s not like Suavecito or Type 550.  It’s not sweet like Type 550 and not as ‘harsh’ or ‘hard-hitting’ as Suavecito. It is a beautifully refreshing cologne scent that will please any girl or guy’s senses.

Steadfast Pomade texture


Boom! We got another water-based pomade that is soft like Admiral.


Due to its amazing texture, this pomade is very easy to work with and you’ll see this nicely in the video. It’s smoothness allowed me to really apply the pomade underneath my pomp where I need the hold. This is a HUGE advantage for water-based pomades that can do this. 


Steadfast did very well to grab all the hairs and pull them back. There were very few stray hairs, and they only really appeared late in the day. 


Like most water-based products, not much shine at all. When it’s wet, the pomade gives a lil shine…but once dried, all the shine goes away. Your natural hair’s sheen will still be present, but yeah…no additional shine.


The hold of this product lies between Bona Fide Superior Hold and Suavecito Original. That puts it at a very desirable spot for me where it’s just strong enough to style a pompadour, but not overly strong to misshapen the pomp.

Steadfast Pomade pomp
Steadfast Pomade shine
Steadfast Pomade slickness


The pomade did well to maintain my pomp throughout the day. It obviously started giving way near the end of the day…and especially when I drove with the windows down (like a basic b). Nevertheless, it did well.


Moderate. Just like your average water based pomade.


You’ll need a water source — that don’t ever really change.

Steadfast Pomade endurance
Steadfast Pomade durability
Steadfast Pomade final style


Steadfast, without a doubt in my mind, receives my seal of approval. It’s a great performing pomade with a even better scent. The goop is some pretty standard water-based pomade but clean in all aspects.

For more information and the lowest price available for this pomade, check it out here.