The Daimon Barber Hair Pomade No.1 Review

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Where the hell has this shit been all my life? One or two of the other WB products I’ve reviewed come close to what the Daimon Barber has accomplished…but…fuhhhh. If pomade-sponsorship was a thing, I’d fucking sell my soul right now. This isn’t just the finest WATER-BASED pomade I’ve experienced. It is literally the most well-crafted pomade I’ve ever touched (hydrophilic or not).

Alright. So let’s start the review.

The Daimon Barber Hair Pomade. This goop was formulated and brewed up by two brothers out of London. It’s so new that the two dudes haven’t even filled out their ‘About Us' on the website. Like some of the other products here…I wanted to really push and try out some of the new water-based homebrewers…because…well shit. The innovation and creativity isn't gunna come from the already-established brewers. It's the new guys (and gals) that will be making weird stuff. 

Quite honestly, it was their packaging that caught my eye initially. In a market where every can is just trying to be the brightest fucking thing on the screen…this jar’s elegance made it stand out. Also, I judge. I judge all the time. People. Homes. Cats. Puppies. Whatever. When I look at the potential pomade, I take the design greatly into account because if I have similar tastes in design/aesthetics with the brewer…it’s more likely we’ll share the same expectations from the pomade itself.

Here it is. The goop comes in a 100g rose-colored glass jar with a black plastic twist-top. Labeling printed on wax, cotton-reinforced paper and affixed to the front and top face. Notice the attention to detail. The top label is aligned to the front label. The minor details.

Daimon Barber Hair Pomade - Jar

The goop itself is a skin-like, rose, blush color and semi-translucent. It scoops out like a jelly. Real soft when taking some out and real soft when applying it into your hair as well. The smell is nice as fuhhh…at this point, I’m getting kinda tired of all these ridiculously strong scents going on. Like…if I left all my cans open, my effing bathroom would probably smell like a candy shop. TDB (The Daimon Barber) has a nice rose and floral-like aroma to it — at least, that’s how I’d describe it. The scent is unlike Tres Flores…its cleaner, smoother, and a bit more muted. 

Daimon Barber Hair Pomade - Inside


As you guys can hopefully remember, a lot of the pomades I’ve been reviewing can best be describe as ‘grippy’ and ‘sticky’ during the application process. They grip my hair, and you can clearly see it during the video. BUT with TDB, it was very different. If you noticed, my hair was not getting wavy at all and stay in ‘wet’ strands as though I had water in it. What I’m saying is that this pomade was slick instead of sticky. Needless to say, application was very simple and easy. 

I just remembered to tell you guys this. To experienced pomade users, the most beneficial information to be gained from my video reviews is see how the pomade looks in my hair, the movement of my hand as I comb, and how my final pomp shapes up. To the discerning eye, let the pomp and product speak for themselves. In short, video reviews should be taken in not only audibly, but visually.


Time. Strength and hold are not the defining characteristics of this pomade. As I have stated with other products before, TDB is one of those pomades that give you just as much strength as you SHOULD need. Give that, it did take well-deserved time and concentration to style. 

Slickness. This is the slickest water-based pomade I come across. Typically, WB and slickness don’t really go hand-in-hand because they end up matte — hence why metro dudes love dat ish. And unlike them, I like a little shine. It’s the icing on the cake for black hair. All stray hairs were caught, best shine I’ve seen from a WB, and it allowed a spherical/nature shape to the pomp.

Strength. As I said before, TDB had strength. Shit. Just look at the pictures below…BUT it did not have excessive strength. The balance and restraint shown here by the two brewing brothers reminds me of Grandad’s. The best comparison of this product’s strength would be The Iron Society in original. I highly regard TIS as a damn good product, so for this product to share so similar of characteristics yet be water-based…that’s fucking impressive. 

Daimon Barber Hair Pomade - Pomp Front
Daimon Barber Hair Pomade - Pomp Top
Daimon Barber Hair Pomade - Pomp Part


If I had a lifetime supply of this stuff, I would never touch another pomade — oil-based or water-based. Honest truth. Once, I’m rich and shit…I’ll be sure to have a cabinet full of this stuff…because unlike ATP (Addicted to Pomade) members…I’m addicted to having good hair, not collecting pomade. My chase is for the golden product, not the pointless collection of nifty cans.

The Daimon Barber Hair Pomade is good. Really good. It’s the best pomade I’ve ever used up to now. You guys probably think I’m talking out of my ass, but I shit you not…I’m touch my hair right now hours later, and it has not dried — even less than to the extent Shiner Gold dried. It makes me ashamed that I even considered Shiner Gold not drying up…TDB set the bar in this category. 

Brylcreem. Groom & Clean. These are two classic water-based styling products that have been around for decades. They offered styling aid, shine, and water-solubility but without much hold at all. They are the ideal water-based products…never drying…it’s just they didn’t have hold. TDB has it. It’s like someone frankenstein some brylcreem, rose aroma, fine package, and a good amount more of hold.

Cheers to the brewers, they have truly change the fucking game.

The Daimon Barber:

Also, I heard word that they’ll be releasing a stronger hold and non-water-based formula soon. I just sat here for five minutes trying to think of a sentence to convey my excitement for it….I don’t know. Dis gone b gud.