Type 550 Original Pomade Extra Firm Hold Review

Video review above or here: http://youtu.be/4_Fb_tXCeQY

This is the real deal. The better of the two pomades from Type 550. A good choice and necessary addition to your cabinet of pomade. It is a clean, amazingly-scented, all-around balanced water-based pomade.

Like I said before in the review of its counterpart, this is a completely new pomade developed by the owners of Pomades.com — a new line to resurrect classic elegance. 

Type 550 Original Pomade Extra Firm Hold jar

As shown in the photo, it comes in the same style jar as the Firm Hold with a black top and label change to distinguish it as an Extra Firm Hold pomade. The goop inside looks just like Imperial Classic, but once you use it, you’ll find it a much better product.

The scent, alone, is worth notice and acknowledge. It is a super clean cologne that is slightly sweet. In comparison to Railcar Finegoods, it doesn’t hit as hard. In comparison to Suavecito, it’s smoother. In short, it’s pretty nice as hell.

Type 550 Original Pomade Extra Firm Hold texture


Despite being the Extra Firm Hold version and step up from the Firm Hold, its consistency is thicker but the application process is the same. It’s not much different to apply and easy to work with — a pleasure to apply.


Time. Real quick. When I’m in a hurry, I’ll use this goop.

Slickness. Just look at the hair. Pretty damn clean.

Strength. I think this product hit it on the head with the hold and strength. It’s a notch down from Layrite Super Hold and Suavecito Firme. It’s strong enough to style your pompadour as high as you need it, but no more.

Type 550 Original Pomade Extra Firm Hold pomp
Type 550 Original Pomade Extra Firm Hold shine
Type 550 Original Pomade Extra Firm Hold part


Type 550 Extra Firm Hold receives my seal of approval. Just looking back on these photos make me just say, “Dayummmm.”

For more information on the new line, check it out here.