Type 550 Original Pomade Firm Hold Review

Video review above or here: http://youtu.be/0rmtt1DOEoQ

I’ve been waiting a long time to review this one. It’s been on my plate for some time but I hadn’t had a chance. However, I had to push it up on the list because I was running out of the product (the extra firm hold too).

This stuff right here is straight up new and developed by the owners of Pomades.com about only a month or so ago. As one of the major retailers of pomade, they decided it was about time to release their own line of product. Thus, we have Type 550 — inspired by the Porsche Type 550 Spyder. It was the hope and goal of the creators to reinvent and embody the classic clean lines and timelessness of the historic car. 

As you can see, it comes in a 4 oz. jar that looks just like that of Imperial, but of course, will different labeling. We got some clean, minimalist design-work with a clear but thick paste. It’s literally a lighter version Imperial Classic Pomade with better scent.


It is very easy to apply. Not as soft as Admiral, but softer than anything else. This makes it a very easy product to work with. You’ll be able to see clearly in the video that it is very easy to apply into the hair and what not.


Time. In comparison to the Extra Firm Hold, it took a bit longer, but only because it had less hold and also less control. 

Slickness. Among both the Firm and the Extra Firm Hold, this pair of pomades were actually pretty slick. And even for water-based products, they were exceptionally slick. Obviously, they’re incomparable to an oil-based pomade, but nevertheless, do a great job keeping strays to a minimum.

Strength.  The strength was a small step above Suavecito Original. So, more than enough to style a pompadour, but as you can see in the photo, the top sinks.


This product was good, but I’d still choose the Extra Firm Hold over this baby right here. I’d be more than happy to use either. But, given the availability of both, I’d choose the heavier one.

Nice thing about this one is that it has a natural lightness to it. The product gives a strange bounce and can potentially, help one style a spherical pompadour.

For more information about the new line, check it here.